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UFC Quick Quote: Ryan Bader won't be calling anyone out after losses to Jon Jones and Tito Ortiz

"I lose three in a row, that's tough man. You see guys get cut for that. So yeah, I do feel that pressure. I'm not calling anybody out. I'm not saying anything. I'm not even in position to say when I'd like to be back. I'm just waiting to see what they want me to do and it's actually nice, because I'll just get better in the meantime."

-- Following his loss to Jon Jones back on Feb. 5, Ryan Bader called out a cadre of light heavyweights, one of which was Tito Ortiz, a fight he wanted so he could "put a legend on his resume." Turns out that was a mistake, as he was granted his wish and got finished in short order by "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" at UFC 132 this past July 2. It would seem "Darth" learned his lesson, though, as he refuses to call anyone out to ESPN after his second loss in a row. He's also feeling the pressure that comes with having two strikes against him and knowing full well a third and final strike could result in his receiving that dreaded Zuffa pink slip and an escort to the nearest exit. It would represent quite the fall for the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 8 winner, who began his career 12-0 before dropping the previously mentioned fights to Jones and Ortiz, respectively. Bader badly needs to get back on the hog, Maniacs. Find an opponent for him, if you would, please.

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