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UFC Quick Quote: Jon Jones hates your replica belt and won't sign it

"I would get rid of the replica belts ... I hate it when people come up to me with a belt that looks exactly like mine and they ask me to sign it. I worked three times a day for three years to get this [light heavyweight championship] belt, and now this guy asking me for an autograph has one just like it. Are you serious? I mean it’s not as heavy, but it looks just the same. I never sign those belts."

If UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones could change one thing in mixed martial arts, what would it be? An overhaul in judging? A return to PRIDE rules? Stricter drug testing? Nope, he would ban replica belts, because he hates it when fans come up to him and ask him to sign them. Why? Well, "Bones" tells Leather's Josh Zerkle he had to work three years to get his. So before you surrender the 18th President at some dingy flea market or online toy store, make sure you have something else for him to sign at the UFC 135 pre-fight festivities. Humorous pet peeve? Or a snub to UFC fans? You decide.

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