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Shark Fights 17 results and live updates TONIGHT (July 15) for 'Horwich vs Rosholt 2'

Shark Fights 17: "Horwich vs. Rosholt 2" goes down TONIGHT, Friday, July 15, 2011, from the Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco, Texas.

The event, which will be televised on HDNet at 10 p.m. EST, features UFC veteran and longtime mixed martial arts journeymen Matt Horwich taking on former UFC prospect Jake Rosholt in a rematch. This is a black spot Rosholt definitely wants to erase off his record.

Also expected to fight on the card is former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez as he earned a gimme fight against Doug Williams after some drama with the promotion earlier today and former MFC light heavyweight champion Emanuel Newton looks to get back on track against Swedish prospect Ilir Latifi.

Rounding out the main card is a bantamweight bout between Douglas Frey and Erik Perez.

Here are the complete Shark Fights 17 results:

Main Card

185 lbs.: Jake Rosholt def. Matt Horwich via unanimous decision
230 lbs.: Ricco Rodriguez def. Doug Williams via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:16 round one
205 lbs.: Emanuel Newton def. Ilir Latifi via unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Erik Perez def. Douglas Frey via unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Alan Jouban def. Andrew Goldthwaite via TKO at 2:37 round three

Preliminary Card

145 lbs.: Victor Hernandez def. Quaint Kempf via submission (arm bar) at 1:06 round one
155 lbs.: Matt Hobar def. Jay Flores via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:55 round one
185 lbs.: Jeremy Kimball vs.Clay Hantz
170 lbs.: Brad Cox vs. Russell Brewer

185 lbs.: Matt Horwich vs. Jake Rosholt

Round one: Rosholt probes early with a jab. They trade some awkward strikes and Rosholt lands a few nice jabs and pushes forward into the clinch. Horwich escapes and lands a big flurry of short strikes that connect. Rosholt looks to counter and lands with a nice combination to the head and body. Horwich again responds awkwardly and Rosholt connects with a big hook that backs Horwich up. Rosholt grabs a leg and twists, forcing Horwich to the ground. Horwich begs Rosholt to come with him to the ground but Rosholt is content to pound on him from above while standing. Rosholt is landing as the round ends. 10-9 Rosholt

Round two: Another big exchange and Horwich is mainly throwing arm punches while Rosholt is actually turning into his strikes and throwing with power. Nice jumping knee from Rosholt connects and then another. Rosholt scores a takedown but again doesn't follow Horwich to the ground. They posture and screw around and Horwich explodes to his feet. Horwich lands a nice hook on the way in and Rosholt initiates a clinch against the fence. Big knees from Horwich in the clinch and Rosholt responds with a knee of his own on an exchange. Rosholt's tape is hanging off his left hand pretty bad. Left high kick from Horwich is blocked, another is blocked again. Another takedown for Rosholt near the end of the round and he throws right hands to the body from above until the round finishes. This was closer but I'm leaning 10-9 Rosholt

Round three: Nice takedown from Rosholt early, and he pounds on Horwich a bit before allowing him to escape. Rosholt scores with a huge lunging knee that opens up a big cut on Horwich and scores another takedown. Horwich quickly gets back to his feet and chases down Rosholt looking for big strikes but he's also worried about defending his cut as well. Rosholt scores another takedown but doesn't do much with it as the crowd boos a bit. They get to their feet and there's a huge exchange from both men along the fence as both men trade power shots. Rosholt scores another takedown and they both throw down to the final bell with Rosholt scoring a huge spinning back first right before the horn sounds that stuns Horwich but he can't get a finish. 10-9 Rosholt

Final Result: Jake Rosholt defeats Matt Horwich via unanimous decision


230 lbs.: Ricco Rodriguez vs. Doug Williams

Round one: Body kick from Rodriguez early and he shoots for a takedown and gets it. Williams is in big trouble. Rodriguez throws some right hands and a knee to the body. Williams looks for wrist control to defend himself. Rodrugiez  passes to mount and drops down for an arm bar but Williams squirms free. Rodriguez is back in full mount looking for an opening. Williams gives up his back and Rodriguez latches on a rear naked choke forcing the tap. That was a huge mismatch.

Final Result: Ricco Rodriguez defeats Doug WIlliams via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:16 of round one



205 lbs.: Emanuel Newton vs. Ilir Latifi

Round one: Latifi circles to his left early. Newton lands a left body kick and almost get decked with a big counter punch. Newton really working his kicks but Latifi responds with a huge right counter hook. Newton continues to stalk Latifi and both men exchange in a wild brawl. They are throwing big bombs and Latifi pins Newton against the fence, getting inside enough to land the better blows. They clinch and Newton circles to the inside, throwing short knees and inside jabs to the body. Newton lands another nice knee as Latifi hangs on and pushes off to reset. Newton gets back to stalking Latifi, walking him down and occasioanally throwing big side kicks and head kicks mixed with jabs. Latifi is backing away waiting to pounce with a big counter. They clinch again and Newton throws a nice knee as the horn sounds. 10-9 Newton

Round two: Newton gets back to stalking and lands a nice right hand. Latifi is just backing away right now, not really doing much. Newton throws a big body kick and Latifi again responds with that big counter hook, but that seems to be his only trick. More big kicks from Newton are checked and blocked and he throws a solid left jab that connects. Latifi throws a wild right hand and catches a body kick from Newton looking for a takedown but Newton defends it well. Nice high kick from Newton as Latifi continues to back away. Big left hand from Latifi and he initiates a clinch against the cage but again backs away. Newton dances a bit before the round ends. 10-9 Newton

Round three: Latifi stalks Newton here early and Newton throws a pair of side kicks. Latifi clinches and it's Newton with a big takedown but he lets Latifi back up immediately. The pace is a bit plodding but then Latifi explodes forwards and both men exchange along the fence. Latifi backs off and they go back to sizing each other up. Latifi whiffs on a head kick. Latifi again explodes forwards and throws big bombs, pinning Newton against the fence. Where was this in the first two rounds? Latifi needs a finish and he's definitely more aggressive this round. Latifi again explodes but doesn't hurt Newton enough and mysteriously backs off with 10 seconds left in the fight as the fight concludes. 10-9 Latifi

Final Result: Emanuel Newton defeats Ilir Latifi via unanimous decision


135 lbs.: Douglas Frey vs. Erik Perez

Round one: Both men are really landing some violent flurries here early, both connecting hard to each other's heads with power shots. Frey puts Perez in the Muay Thai plum and connects with some knees to the body. Frey working his kicks well from a distance and he lunges in with a big right hand that lands solidly. Perez throws a big body kick and Frey counters nicely. Frey throws a big combination of hooks and Perez ducks it nicely, taking him down and going for Frey's back. Frey gets to his feet and Perez takes him down and goes to his back, locking in a rear naked choke. It's tight but somehow Frey manages to escape, spinning into Perez and landing on top. Perez instead locks in an arm bar and Frey again escapes, this time dropping down for a guillotine choke of his own. Perez slips out quickly, takes Frey's back and mounts Frey, dropping a huge elbow from above. Perez takes Frey's back again and flattens him out, dropping some huge elbows from behind. He latches on a rear naked choke again and Frey somehow manages to survive it! Perez postures up and drops big bombs from above until the horn sounds. Awesome round! 10-9 Perez

Round two: Perez opens strongly with some short hooks that connect. Frey throws a nice punch to the body and a leg kick but Perez counters with a right hand of his own. Frey drops down for a takedown and gets it, landing in side control on the ground. Immediately though, Perez turtles and turns into him. Frey latches on another guillotine choke and drops down for it, pulling hard but Perez squirms out of it and trying to score from top position. Frey utilizes a high guard but Perez is unfaltered, dropping some light ground and pound from above to set up a guard pass. Frey pushes him off and turtles up, shooting for a single-leg takedown and gets to his feet. Perez drops down again for a takedown and passes to half guard. The pace of the fight has slowed down considerably now and Perez slickly passes to mount. Perez traps an arm and rains down some big right hands. Perez postures up and drops some bombs and Frey gives up his back again. Perez gets the hooks in, looking for the rear naked choke again but he can't lock it in. Perez can't squeeze it all the way and the round concludes. 10-9 Perez

Round three: Perez opens with a light punching combination and Frey responds with a kick to the body. Spinning back elbow from Perez and he throws a knee to the body. They go to the ground and Frey again goes for the guillotine choke but to no avail as Perez slips out and secures top position. Frey looks like he's either conserving energy for a final salvo or he's completely out of gas. The ref stands them up and this is Frey's last chance. Frey lunges in with a big left hand that whiffs and clinches, throwing a knee to the body. Frey throws a big right kick to the body but Perez catches it and presses him against the fence, securing a takedown into half guard. Frey takes top position and gets back to his feet. He throws a nice left hook but eats a knee and a big right hand with 10 seconds left. Push kick from Frey and Perez throws a spinning back fist as time expires. 10-9 Perez

Final Result: Erik Perez defeats Douglas Frey via unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Alan Jouban vs. Andrew Goldthwaite

Round one: Goldthwaite immediately throws some big power punches but Jouban ducks under them and takes him down into side control. Nice knees to the body from Jouban. Goldthwaite gets to his feet but is taken down easily again. Big elbows from Jouban on top and again Goldthwaite scrambles to his feet only to be put on his back yet again. This time Jouban advances to mount and rains down some elbows. He transitions to a triangle choke but Goldthwaite guts it out to the final bell. 10-9  Jouban.

Round two: Goldthwaite is undeterred in the second round, aggressively looking to land some big kicks early. Jouban responds with kicks of his own, even buckling Goldthwaite's knee with a huge kick. He continues the pressure as Goldthwaite hobbles around the cage and Jouban crushes him with a combination that drops him but somehow, Goldthwaite manages to survive to the bell again. 10-8 Jouban

Round three: Both men clinch early and it's Goldthwaite again with the aggressive advantage early. He lands on top while Jouban shuts his offense down with a great defensive rubber guard. After no action, the ref stands them up. Goldthwaite throws a lazy kick but is countered immediately by Jouban with a body kick and beautiful punching combination that sends him to the canvas for good.

Final Result: Alan Jouban defeats Andrew Goldthwaite via TKO at 2:37 of round three

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