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Yushin Okami 'felt like he lost' first fight against Anderson Silva at Rumble on the Rock 8


When Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami first squared off in Jan. 2006, the only thing on the line was a date in the second round of the Rumble on the Rock welterweight tournament opposite Jake Shields and pride.

That's why Silva was so disappointed when he lost the fight thanks to landing an illegal upkick. He was disqualified but only after Okami elected not to continue, something the Brazilian saw little honor in.

In a recent interview with Tatame, however, "Thunder" explains that he doesn't see that night as a victory and he's eager to finally prove who the better man is:

"I won by DQ, but I felt I lost that fight. There was a damage. There is no point to talk about past things so I don't really care of what people say about last fight. However, that experience made me stronger and as a result I was able to fight in UFC afterwards so I really thank and respect Silva. The word that he says to that I was dressed in damage last is past. I am not dressed. This time I will fight with respect and it will be a chance to show who's the best."

Indeed, any lingering questions from the first fight will be answered in the rematch, scheduled to take place Aug. 27 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janiero, Brazil at UFC 134.

It's up for debate just who exactly would have won the initial meeting had it not been for the illegal kick from Silva. You can judge for yourself by watching it, in its entirety, after the jump.

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