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Rashad Evans: Tito Ortiz's head might be bigger than 'Rampage' Jacksons

Here we go already.

Now that Tito Ortiz has officially agreed to step in for an ailing Phil Davis to take on Rashad Evans, the once-great rivalry between the two is back on.

"Suga" fires the first shot on Twitter with the above picture and the following choice words:

"@TitoOrtiz lent me a pair of his shades. Is it me or r they way 2 big?! Lol Tito's head might b bigger than Pages! Lol ... his head is so big when it rains his shoulders don't get wet! These r just jokes! Tweeples don't get all hurt!"


Even though Rashad says he's just joking, how likely is it that "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" is laughing? And how long until Ortiz responds with a few shots of his own?

UFC 133 on Aug. 6 in Philadelphia can't get here soon enough.

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