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Lyoto Machida turned down fight against Rashad Evans because he wanted 'Anderson Silva money'

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Sherdog</a>
Photo via Sherdog

And the UFC had no intention of giving it to him.

When Phil Davis dropped out of his scheduled UFC 133 main event fight against Rashad Evans, a replacement was needed to salvage a fight card that was already lacking in hype to begin with.

Once Tito Ortiz initially turned the fight down (he has since reconsidered), the powers that be put in a call to Brazil to ask Lyoto Machida if he was willing to step in.

Apparently he was -- but only if the UFC was willing to pay him "Anderson Silva money." That's according to The MMA Show, who got the scoop directly from Dana White.

The response to Machida's demand was simple: "Accomplish what Anderson Silva has and you will be paid like him."

Sounds harsh, but White and company didn't make their millions by kowtowing to fighters and not playing hardball at the negotiating table. That said, do you agree with Machida for demanding that much money? And what about White for his graceful denial?

Sound off, Maniacs.

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