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Dan Henderson hopes to re-sign with Strikeforce after Fedor fight, eventually meet Jon Jones in UFC

San Jose is more palatable than Las Vegas.

That's the attitude of Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Dan Henderson, whose contract with the promotion is up following his fight against Fedor Emelianenko on July 30 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

But will that be his last fight with the organization?

"I hope not," Henderson told "It's the last one on my contract (but) I like Strikeforce, and I do like fighting on Showtime. ... I don't have any plans of leaving. I don't want to leave."

Who could blame him? He's been treated like a king since making the jump to the number two mixed martial arts league in the world.

He was given a middleweight title shot in his debut and when he lost that fight, was immediately inserted into a number one contender fight at light heavyweight, which he won.

Once he won the 205-pound strap, his first booking was a not a defense of said belt but instead one of his dream fights against the previously mentioned Fedor.

No wonder he doesn't want to leave. But he does have his eye on the UFC light heavyweight champion and hopes to eventually set up a fight between he and whoever holds that title or, more specifically, Jon Jones.

"I'd like to defend that belt and then possibly have a match with whoever's the UFC champ. I think that's where the potential to both make a lot more money and have a lot more fans watch both Strikeforce and the UFC. As soon as Zuffa bought Strikeforce, Jon Jones fought right after that and everybody was blowing up my Twitter about fighting Jon Jones. That would be fun for me because he's so unorthodox. But it's something that probably needs to be built up after I defend the belt once or twice."

"Hollywood" Henderson, always thinking about business.

Of course, the most significant difference in each promotion's respective light heavyweight divisions is the depth of talent. As of today, there are no less than five fighters in UFC that, if plugged in for a title shot against Jones, would be credible challengers.

But Strikeforce? Let's just say there's a reason "Hendo" is fighting at heavyweight in his next bout.

Sure there are Muhammed Lawal's and Gegard Mousasi's and Roger Gracie's floating around in San Jose but is that enough to keep Henderson interested long-term?

It would appear so ... for the time being.

Hands Comments up if you think Henderson should bring his "H-Bombs" to UFC.

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