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UFC on Versus 5: Dan Hardy combats three-fight skid by losing weight and getting a haircut

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Who needs takedown defense when you can get a $12 makeover at Supercuts?

After three consecutive losses inside the Octagon, British striker Dan Hardy knows it's time to do whatever it takes to get back into the win column.

That's why he's lightening his load, so to speak, as he heads into his UFC on Versus 5 scrap against Chris Lytle at the Bradley Center on Aug. 14 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"The Outlaw" recently told ESPN's UFC Podcast that he's changing the color of his traditionally red mohawk while simultaneously "experimenting" with his pre-fight weight cut, opting for a leaner build to retain some of his speed versus a bulky exterior to try and thwart the strength of bigger opponents.

The Nottingham knuckler explains the "disappointment" that led to the recent changes:

"In the last two fights, I haven't done my skill set any justice. I've been really disappointed with my performance in the gym and inside the Octagon. Since the Georges St-Pierre fight I've been experimenting with weight-cutting. The Anthony Johnson fight, I didn't want to be an undersized opponent. I gained a lot of weight ever since the GSP fight, doing things like power-training, and a lot of it has been detrimental to me. The extra weight has slowed me down so I've cut that down. I started training camp at 190lbs this time, and I've been staying between 185 and 190, and I feel awesome. I'm landing three or four times as many punches per round in sparring, I feel like I can go forever - I feel like the Duracell bunny!"

Since that annoying pink bunny is actually the Energizer mascot, we can probably cross "batteries" off the list of Hardy's prospective sponsors.

"The Outlaw" was once perched atop the promotion's 170-pound summit after stringing together four straight wins inside the Octagon. He was quickly sent tumbling down the mountainside by division champion Georges St. Pierre in their UFC 111 title fight just over a year ago.

A surprise knockout loss to Carlos Condit would follow at UFC 120 last October and Anthony Johnson continued the downward spiral by taking the slugger down and controlling him for the better part of three rounds at UFC Fight Night 24 back in March.

Hardy knows what he needs to do in order to get himself back into the win column, or to at least keep the fans entertained enough to warrant him sticking around. He needs a gamer who isn't afraid to stand and trade or just flat-out brawl for fifteen minutes straight no matter what the cost.

Or maybe he just needs the Atkins diet and a trip to the salon.

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