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UFC 131: Is Shane Carwin going to try to take Junior dos Santos down on June 11?

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"Cigano" thinks so.

His reasoning is simple: when Junior dos Santos starts throwing his lunch boxes around and one of them lands, it's either nighty night or wrestle-palooza.

But, thanks to Shane Carwin's fight against Gabriel Gonzaga, we know it's going to take much more than a huff and a puff to knock "The Engineer" out.

That means it's option number two for the big man, who isn't so big anymore thanks to a fresh diet and renewed vigor for training. The Grudge product knew he needed to add a few gallons to the old gas tank, so he ate clean and shed some excess weight.

Carwin 2.0 is here and open for business.

Count dos Santos among the crowd that isn't sold just yet, though, as he tells "it's not so easy to get more cardio."

"I really think that, I don't know why, but I really think Shane Carwin is going to try to take me down. I'm prepared for that. ... If Shane Carwin put me down and hold me I will show my jiu-jitsu for the whole world. (His biggest weakness) is the cardio. The first time he went for the second round, he lost the fight, so I'm going to use that. I don't think (his cardio will be better because he's leaner). It's not so easy to get more cardio, you know? I hope he comes very prepared and 100-percent to fight me because I want to (defeat) the best Shane Carwin. I think (the fight) will start in the stand-up, but (when he) starts to feel my hands, he's going to take me down."

Carwin was at the border of the promised land until he punched himself into a state of suspended animation against then-division champion Brock Lesnar at UFC 116 last July.

The big man dominated the first round before his massive muscles could no longer get the oxygen needed to operate properly and gave way. He vowed to come back stronger and better than ever and he certainly looks the part, to say the least. 

But will that translate come fight night?

Another factor to consider, which has largely flown under the radar, is the fact that Carwin isn't the only one coming in off a long layoff. Dos Santos hasn't been in action since a unanimous decision beatdown of Roy Nelson back in Aug. of last year.

JDS picked apart the potbellied pugilist for three full rounds. Of course, the entirety of the fight was contested on the feet. If his own prediction rings true, the Brazilian might end up on his back with a 250-pound beast on top of him, sapping his energy.

In the land of mammoth muscles, the well-conditioned man is king. But who will have the edge?

Carwin? Or dos Santos?