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Reports: UFC in talks to purchase 'controlling interest' in NBC/Comcast's G4 cable network

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is reportedly in talks with NBC/Comcast to purchase a controlling interest in its G4 cable channel, a struggling gaming network that targets a young male audience.

Wall Street Journal scooped the news earlier this afternoon and The New York Times confirmed that the two parties met in New York City as recently as today.

No financial details of the potential deal were leaked; however, UFC is apparently interested in at least a 60 percent "controlling interest" in G4. That certainly would not come cheap, even though G4 is among the lowest rated channels on the NBC/Comcast roster.

Consider that Spike TV currently pays the promotion $170 million annually for the "UFC Fight Night" series and "The Ultimate Fighter" franchise and you can get a feel for the high figures likely being bandied about in negotiations.

UFC and Spike TV are in the final year of their television contract. And the two are seemingly far apart on an extension -- the UFC is reportedly asking for a "$325 million-a-year-fee."

G4 is not the only pony in the race. In fact, both reports indicate that UFC brass is in talks on several new broadcasting fronts.

The only thing that seems certain at this time is that the UFC and Spike TV will ultimately part ways when the contract expires … for better or worse.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates on this evolving story.

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