Vancouver Athletic Commission taps CCES for implementation of UFC 131 drug testing


VANCOUVER - The Vancouver Athletic Commission (the "VAC") has engaged the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (the "CCES") to implement anti-doping testing for UFC 131 on Saturday, June 11, 2011, in accordance with the VAC's Anti-Doping Rules.

The CCES is responsible for administering Canada's doping control program, and has worked closely with the World Anti-Doping Agency ("WADA") to promote the ethics of doping-free sport in Canada and worldwide since 1995.

The CCES will be acting as the provider of sample collection servicesin connection with the event. Sample collection process will adhere to WADA's International Standard for Testing, in respect of in-competition testing. Following sample collection, the CCES will coordinate secure delivery of samples to the WADA-accredited laboratory INRS - Institut Armand Frappier, in Laval, Quebec.

Samples will be tested for all substances included on WADA's Prohibited List, in compliance with WADA's International Standard for Laboratories.

Jurisdiction over results management will remain with the VAC, in accordance with the VAC's Anti-Doping Rules.

A copy of the VAC's Anti-Doping Rules in effect for UFC 131 can be found on the VAC's website:

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