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UFC Quick Quote: The fans got screwed when the UFC bought Strikeforce

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"Great for the UFC and the Fertittas. Brilliant, brilliant move. For the fighters? Terrible move because they don't have another place to go and bargain. As a business man? I think it's brilliant on the part of the UFC. I'm not even sure that when Strikeforce's contract is up with Showtime they just don't fold it into the UFC at that point and make it all pay-per-view. For the fans it's bad, for the fighters it's bad, for the UFC it's terrific. Anytime you force fans to [buy] pay-per-view for every single card you put on, then you're screwing the fans. Not every card is a pay-per-view value. Some are just general good TV value and then the special ones are pay-per-view value so I feel the fans get screwed."

Former Elite XC boss Gary Shaw weighs in on Zuffa's purchase of Strikeforce, which he sees as "bad for the fans" because they might lose the free Showtime fights and get "screwed" into buying all pay-per-views. Unfortunately Shaw's argument excludes the events the UFC airs on Spike TV and Versus but does raise a good point about fighter bargaining power. Here more on this from the boxing community including Bob Arum and Oscar de La Hoya (via Fight Hub TV) after the jump.