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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 Finale results: Clay Guida grinds out Anthony Pettis

Photo by Tracy Lee for <a href="" target="new">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

In one of the most anticipated match-ups of the summer, Anthony Pettis made his UFC debut against fan-favorite Clay Guida in the co-main event of The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale tonight (June 4, 2011).

Pettis is known for his flashy style and willingness to attempt unorthodox moves, but Guida's relentless wrestling was simply too much for him.

From start to finish, Guida pressured Pettis with his constant movement. Every time "Showtime" gave him an opening, he buried his head in the Roufusport fighter's chest and took the Milwaukee-based fighter to the ground with authority.

Pettis was game off his back, constantly throwing up submission attempts and trying to control Guida from his guard, but "The Carpenter" just poured it on too thick.

Guida never gave Pettis an opening in the first round, taking "Showtime" down and grinding him out while fending off submission attempts for the final three minutes.

Pettis showcased some of that flashy style that made him famous with some dynamic kicks, including an off-the-fence spinning back kick that whiffed. Guida barely batted a lash, continuing his wrestling assault and putting the young former WEC champion on his back time and time again.

Pettis had one last chance with a minute left in the third round when Guida gave up his position and allowed "Showtime" to take his back but he couldn't capitalize and "The Carpenter" slipped free and finished the bout on his opponent's back.

When it was all said and done, Guida won a unanimous decision 30-27 across the boards on the judges' scorecards. Joe Rogan asked him about a potential title shot and the Greg Jackson-trained fighter made his case to Joe Silva and the rest of the fans, saying it would be the "most exciting fight" and "2011 is my year."

Can Guida earn a shot at UFC gold?

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