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Wanderlei Silva: Chael Sonnen is a 'Twitter fighter'

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When Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heads to Rio for UFC 134 on Aug. 27, they might want to leave Chael Sonnen off the scheduled press tour.

That's because the former middleweight number one contender is Brazil's public enemy number one, having ruffled the Portuguese feathers of just about every Zuffa fighter hailing from South America.

UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo asked the media not to print any of his "junk," former Interim Heavyweight Champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira referred to him as a "disrespectful kid," and I don't think we even need to rehash what transpired in the build-up to UFC 117: "Silva vs. Sonnen."

Let's just say it was bad enough for Wanderlei Silva to warn him to mind his manners or lose his teeth.

Apparently Sonnen didn't heed "The Axe Murderer's" advice, and Wandy tells Luke Thomas of that after he fights Chris Leben at UFC 132 this Saturday night (July 2) in Las Vegas, he'll be more than happy to "talk to him again."

"Sonnen is a Twitter fighter. Of course I'll fight with him. He's talking a lot. He do the wrong way for the promotion. He's talking too much. Sometimes he talk about the wrong person, no? I need to talk to him again."

Sonnen recently satisfied his suspension with the California State Athletic Commission, becoming eligible to re-apply for his fight license on June 29, 2011. While the likelihood of him gaining instant access to California Or Nevada is slim, there are plenty of others states (cough, Texas) that would probably rubber stamp his return.

But will Wanderlei be waiting?

How about it Maniacs, can the former PRIDE smashing machine knock some respect into the trash-talking ex-Realtor? Or would Sonnen put his money where his mouth is against the popular Brazilian?