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UFC 132 pre-fight press conference video and LIVE updates today (June 30) for 'Cruz vs Faber'

Photo from Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Photo from Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

UFC 132: "Cruz vs. Faber" is set to take place this Saturday night (July 2) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring a bantamweight title fight between current champion Dominick Cruz and division number one contender Urijah Faber.

In addition, middleweight head-breakers Wanderlei Silva and Chris Leben will throw leather, while "The Huntington Beach Bad Bay" Tito Ortiz will attempt to save his job against Ryan Bader.

In preparation for this weekend's return to "Sin City," the UFC will hold a pre-fight press conference featuring the major players from the upcoming event including Cruz, Faber, Leben, Silva, Ortiz, Bader and, of course, UFC President Dana White.

The press conference will air LIVE right here on at 4 p.m. ET after the jump.

Live updates: Hemmi here, the conference is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. ET.

Tito Ortiz: The only thing I'm thinking about is getting my hand raised. My wrestling and boxing and takedowns are on point and I won't make the same mistakes I made against Matt Hamill this Saturday night

Dominick Cruz: I'm always trying to get as big as I can in between fights before I start training camps and I put it on slowly. I've got it down to a science. My weight is under control but it's not fun making weight. 

Ryan Bader: I'm coming off the first loss of my career and it made me reevaluate everything. It put me back to the drawing board and start over. I'm rejuvenated and want to get better. I put a lot of pressure on myself for every fight. You don't want to let anybody down. Going in and having a loss now, I don't want to have another one so there's still a lot of pressure. I just want to get back to winning.

Dominick Cruz: Urijah's done a lot for the sport and the weight class. I can't deny that. Jealousy is just his big head talking again. I'm getting questions about losing to Urijah Faber and now how I won and defended my title. I'm ready for those questions to stop come Saturday night. 

Dominick Cruz: I really focused the last four years on improving everything. My jiu-jitsu is light years better. My grappling is all-around better. My striking has excelled and I feel stronger and faster than I've ever been. It's pretty much the same match-up, just four years later.

Urijah Faber: I think we've both changed a lot. It's apparent I've improved a lot in my hands and Muay Thai which I attribute to my coach Master Tong. I've submitted countless guys who are black belts that have never been submitted and never been stopped. It's one thing to see Dominick against different people and one other thing to see Dominick against me at my best. 

Dominick Cruz: I make adjustments in the fights and I don't throw the same thing over and over again. I only throw the same thing twice if it works. I've fought everyone in his camp and I've beat them. I've got multiple set-ups to the same strikes.

Wanderlei Silva: I never want to be out for so long like that and I can't believe how much the sport changes in just that time since my last fight. More pressure, more promotion. I love the pressure, I fight better with the pressure. I know I'm gonna have a great show on Saturday and I'll make my fans happy around the world.

Chris Leben: Some guys come in with ring rust and others come in with a fire underneath them. I'm training like thsi guy needs to come in and destroy me to prove he's still Wanderlei Silva. I train for the worst and hope for the best. I see a three round battle and neither of us goes down. 

Tito Ortiz: I think the lighter weight guys have been given a great opportunity. Just to be on the card and help sell pay-per-views, we've always sold out the arena. Everything's at a faster pace for the lighter weight guys. All I care about right now is me getting the win, getting my hand raised. It's 14 years later and we're on the same card again.

Chris Leben: I've improved a lot. I've been in the gym every day working hard. Wanderlei has improved as well. He has footwork, stays on the outside and he has set-ups now. He's continued to evolve just as the sport does. 

Urijah Faber: There's so many posers out there that think they're fighters these days. It's just nice for the confusion to be gone. I've been one of the few guys that's been at the top of my weight class since starting out in the sport. It's all been about lifestyle. I'm not at my most competitive weight class and I feel incredible. I'm ready to seize the opportunity.

Dominick Cruz: The WEC put me on the map. They did big things for me and this whole experience, fighting the people I've fought is life changing for me. I've given up everything, or been willing to give it up to be here and have this title and to fight on this platform. I always said I wanted to in the UFC but I never dreamed that my first fight in the UFC would be the July 4th weekend with all these legends.

Dave Scholler: The featherweight and bantamweight divisions have arrived. I couldn't be more proud of these guys.

Chris Leben: We are entertainers and I hate guys that fight not to lose. I'm gonna have a controlled explosion out there. It's me and Wanderlei. I don't think it'll be hard to live up to it.

Ryan Bader: As far as MMA wrestling, I might not get 100% of my takedowns but at the same time, I have a different shot. I'm not down there on my knees or in danger of guillotines. Sometimes it's a set-up for punches. I worked on a lot of different things, getting more technical and my takedowns got better while working on that. 

Dominick Cruz: I'm thankful for the nerves because that keeps me sharp and keeps me focused.

Chris Leben: I've got my coach Burton Richardson and I bought in Greg Thompson. He helps map my conditioning and he actually lives with me and slaps my hand when I go for the fridge. I've got so many great guys at my gym and they're fantastic. The whole school has been working hard and we're really excited for this one. This is the best camp I've ever had and I'm excited to see how this goes on Saturday. 

Tito Ortiz: Rankings don't mean sh*t. You can rank anyone you want but when it's time to come to the fight, the man with the smile on his face, that's what it comes down to. That's why it's called betting. If you want to make money on me, bet on me.

Ryan Bader: I've been through enough amateur wrestling competition to know that anybody can beat anybody on any given day.

Tito Ortiz: I think just getting a win over a top contender is what I want. Bader is fast, young and strong. I want to show that I'm still a force in the top division. Dana trying to use me to help step guys up is fine. My back's pressed up against the fence and I'm going to swing for the fences.

Tito Ortiz: I've fought in some of the biggest fights in UFC history. I defended my title more than anyone in the UFC. All the pressure is on Bader. He knows what it feels like to lose. My speed is better now. I've put everything together like a Rubik's cube and I'm excited and focused. I'm supposed to lose as the betting people say and all the pressure is on Bader.

Chris Leben: I'm a grunt. If I hadn't fought I'd be putting a roof together or framing. Thankfully I found fighting. I have my gym and I'm going to continue to do that as long as I can. My true passion is coaching. I've got pros and amateurs that fight underneath me and that helps me feel good. I love turning kids' lives arounds. 

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