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Rashad Evans offers to train Quinton Jackson for Jon Jones fight, Rampage claims he's not that dumb

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It's time for some black-on-black Twitter-on-Twitter crime.

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champions Rashad Evans and Quinton Jackson are at each other's throats again, this time in a "friendly" exchange via their official Twitter accounts.

It all started last night when "Suga" revealed he was a "Special Ed" student (insert short bus joke here), prompting "Rampage" to blame the way Evans dresses on his educational deficiencies.

The former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 2 champ took it all in stride, even extending an olive branch for Jackson's UFC 135 title fight against Jon "Bones" Jones in September.

Here's how it all played out:

@SugaRashadEvans: now I love him like a play cousin that I want 2 fight on sight! I'm gonna help him train 2 beat Jones!

@Rampage4real: hahaha I'm not dumb enough 2 train wit u, I still owe u an ass whooping, so I hope u win your next fight. No rust this time

@SugaRashadEvans: ndeed u do owe me but don't hold your breath ... #insertbreathjoke ... Lol Alright u can use my coaches I won't b there 2 beat u up

@Rampage4real: I hope u don't train like u fight #insertdeeznutsnyomouth, thanks 4 da offer,but u r still on my hit list brah

@SugaRashadEvans: Remember when Wandy had u doing the Weekends at Bernies thru the ropes, when Shogun made u quit, & Forrest dug in them cakes?!

@Rampage4real: hahahaha ok dude, train hard so u can win,& ill do da same, so we can do #2 and let's c if u stay so cocky, I'm gonna end u!

@SugaRashadEvans: fighting u equals easy payday 4 me! Frankenstein got better footwork than u & your hands r trash! Govern yourself accordingly!

You can check out the tweets in their entirety by clicking here and here.

So how about it Maniacs, who wins this war of words?

And who wins "Evans vs. Jackson 2" if it ever comes to be?