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Ben Askren: Nate Marquardt is a cheater who should come to Bellator and I'll crush him


Nate Marquardt was on the MMA Hour today, "crying like a baby" (his words, not mine) while revealing his issues with the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission stemmed from his usage of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

You know who doesn't feel sympathy for him? Ben Askren.

Not only does he not feel any sympathy, as he told Tomas Rios that "we need less compulsive cheaters in the world," but he outright called him to Bellator to catch a beating. From his Twitter:

"@nathanmarquardt you are a cheater, not once but frequently. Stop cheating, come to bellator and I will crush you. @bjornrebney"

Again, this was about ten minutes after Nate was shedding tears and saying how much he wants to make sure he can provide for his family.

Cold-blooded? Maybe. But the "Funky" one is steadfast in his criticism, saying he's "as disgusted as Dana."

Considering Marquardt's recent banishment from the UFC, it's entirely possible Bellator will be the landing zone for "The Great." This is especially possible now that Zuffa owns Strikeforce, likely giving him one less major promotion to ply his craft in.

Add in the fact that Askren isn't exactly swimming with sharks in the 170-pound class he is currently the champion of and you've got yourself a nice little main event match-up.

If all parties can make it there, of course. Anyone want to see it?

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