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UFC Quick Quote: Dominick Cruz is fueled by negativity, jealousy and revenge

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"I have someone that chose me as an enemy out there. Cruz is fueled by negativity, jealousy and revenge. The best part is I don't have many enemies, and I get to take destiny into my own hands. Like most everything in my life, I've found a way to have fun with my foe, so I embrace the bitterness, add a creative campaign to stoke the fire and prepare for a great battle."

-- Urijah Faber does his best Jesse Holland impression and does some blogging over at Yahoo! Sports in preparation for his UFC 132 bantamweight title shot against his arch nemesis Dominick Cruz. The history between these two is long and runs deep but can be quickly summarized by simply saying -- they hate each others guts. That's really all there is to it, folks. "The California Kid," the laid back, easy-going surfer type, has taken his bitterness and channeled it into what he refers to as a "creative campaign," filled with videos that mock his foe. This is much like what Jorge Rivera did in the lead-up to his bout against Michael Bisping back at UFC 127. Thing about that was it blew up in "El Conquistador's" face, as he was ruthlessly battered en route to a second round technical knockout loss. Does the same fate await Faber when he steps inside the Octagon on July 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada? Or will all the negativity, jealousy and revenge lead Faber straight to victory? Opinions, please.

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