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Bellator 46 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Curran vs Palomino' TONIGHT (June 25) in Hollywood, FL


Bellator will head to the "Sunshine State" TONIGHT (June 25, 2011) at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

The promotion is holding a special "Summer Series" featherweight tournament. Instead of a weekly season, Bellator will stage one show per month as eight featherweights vie for a shot at the Bellator featherweight crown. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of Bellator 46 below, beginning with the MTV2 telecast at 9 p.m. ET. In addition, we will deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the under card action much earlier in the evening.

Bellator 46 will feature the featherweight debut of former lightweight title challenger Pat Curran. The young Chicago native made a big splash in season two by winning the tournament and then going five rounds with champion Eddie Alvarez earlier this year in a losing effort.

He'll square off against Bellator season one featherweight tournament participant Luis Palomino.

Several of the top featherweights in the world will also compete in this tournament, including former Sengoku featherweight champion and current top five ranked 145-pounder Marlon Sandro, British import and top rated prospect Ronnie Mann, as well as undefeated (19-0) Argentinian Nazerino Malegarie.

Complete Bellator 46 results and play-by-play after the jump:

Main Card

145 lbs.: Pat Curran def. Luis Palomino via submission (Peruvian necktie) at 3:49 of round one
145 lbs.: Marlon Sandro def. Genair da Silva via split decision
145 lbs.: Nazareno Malagarie def. Jacob Devree via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:26 of round three
145 lbs.: Ronnie Mann def. Adam Schindler via knockout at 4:14 of round one

Undercard (may not be telivized)

115 lbs.: Jessica Aguilar def. Carla Esparza via split decision
152 lbs.: Alexandre Bezerra def. Sam Jones via submission (triangle choke) at 3:23 of round one
185 lbs.: Dan Cramer def. Josh Samman via unanimous decision
265 lbs.: Tony Johnson Jr. def. Derrick Lewis via unanimous decision

Hemmi here! I'm live cageside at Bellator 46 in Hollywood, Florida. Hopefully I give you guys a more unique look at the fights tonight. 

145 lbs.: Pat Curran vs. Luis Palomino

Round one: Curran using a lot of feints early and he opens with a push kick. Curran really biding his time early and he throws a left body kick that lands. Palomino throws a couple legs kicks of his own and sidesteps a flying knee attempt from Curran. Probing left hook from Curran and he follows it up with another flying knee. Palomino responds with a big left hand and throws a leg kick and Curran nails him with a huge counter right! Palomino is stunned and dives for a takedown but Curran reverses him and is not on top in half guard. Curran drops some hammer fists and latches on with what looks like a D'arce choke but then he transitions to a Peruvian necktie and it's tight! Palomino taps out! Wow what a great finish to the night!

Final result: Pat Curran defeats Luis Palomino via submission (Peruvian necktie) at 3:49 of round one


145 lbs.: Genair da Silva vs. Marlon Sandro

Round one: Big uppercut from Sandro to get things started and da Silva fires right back. Sandro connects with a leg kick and throws a big right hand to the chest. Big leg kick from da Silva and he follows it up with another. Sandro has control of the center of the cage and he lunges forward with a big uppercut. Big left hand connects for Sandro. Snapping leg kick from Sandro and both men trade wild blows. Big head kick misses for da Silva and Sandro creams him with a pair of hooks. Da Silva goes down and Sandro follows him to teh ground but can't finish him with ground and pound. Guillotine attempt from Sandro and both men scramble eventually working back to their feet as the crowd cheers in approval. Sandro back to stalking da Silva frm the center and they trade bombs. I think da Silva staggered Sandro but he shakes it off. Big body kick from da Silva and he continues to circle away. Body kick lands for da Silva and Sandro spends the rest of the round trying to chase him down. 10-9 Sandro

Round two: Sandro is back in "stalk-mode" to start the round and connects with a right hand. Da Silva responds with a cracking right of his own but follows it up with a low blow. They rest and Sandro lands something hard that forces da Silva to run away a bit. Not sure what it was. Both men trade powerful blows and da Silva finishes with a kick to the body before circling away. Sandro keeps cutting him off and forcing him to change direction. Sandro charges forward but doesn't connect with his wild hooks. Right hand lands for da Silva and he lands another left during a big exchange. Wild flurry from both men and da Silva got the better end of it. His strikes are a little crisper right now. Leg and head kick attempts from da Silva are blocked. The round ends and it was much closer than the second. I'll go 10-9 da Silva

Round three: The round begins with a nasty low blow from da Silva. After the reset, da Silva lands a huge right hand, his best of the night. Da Silva pushes forward with a clinch attempt and Sandro escapes, snapping da Silva's head back with a right hand. Big looping uppercut from Sandro whiffs and both men crash into each other in the center. Body punch from da Silva and Sandro dives forward with a takedown attempts but da Silva shrugs it off. Both men trade wild blows that miss and Sandro starts pushing the pace, trying to cut off da Silva's escape routes. Sandro clinches and scores a takedown into half guard and starts dropping some hammer fists. Da Silva kicks off and gets back to his feet with about 15 second remaining and Sandro taunts him but doesn't throw anymore big bombs as the round ends. 10-9 Sandro

Final result: Marlon Sandro defeats Genar da Silva via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


145 lbs.: Jacob Devree vs. Nazareno Malegarie

Round one: Malegarie shoots and scores a quick takedown and immediately drops in for a guillotine. It looks tight but Devree is punching Malegarie's side so he's probably ok. Malegarie squeezes tighter but Devree pops out and now he's on top. Malegarie drops for a leg lock and Devree spins out of it wisely and is back on top in full butterfly guard whole the Argentinian has him in a body lock. The ref stands them up and Malegarie throws out some quick jabs while Devree reponds with a big right hand that misses. Devree throwing bombs now but he's telegraphing them from a distance. Malegarie cracks him with a right hand and shoots for a takedown but gets stuffed. Malegarie shoots again and turns the corner, landing in half guard while Devree works a Kimura from bottom. Malegarie takes his back and goes for a choke but he runs out of time as the round ends. 10-9 Malegarie I guess, close round.

Round two: Big guillotine attempt from Malegarie again to start the round and this time it's much tighter. Malegarie wraps Devree up and passes to mount but Devree slips out of the choke. This time Malegarie is in dominant position though and he takes Devree's back and flattens him out with hip pressure. Malegarie tries to open him up with ground and pound from behind and Devree hip escapes to half guard. Tough kid. Malegarie starts dropping some decent ground and pound but now Devree has retained full guard. Devree pushes off and explodes back to his feet, earning some cheers but Malegarie slams him right back to the canvas. Malegarie drops down for a leg lock but again Devree twists out of it and he drops down with a huge bomb at the end of the round. 10-9 Malegarie

Round three: Malegarie opens with a takedown and he drops some body shots from Devree's full guard. Devree tries to escape but Malegarie latches on the guillotine and instantly passes to mount, this time it's even tighter than before. Devree instantly taps! Third time was the charm for Malegarie!

Final result: Nazareno Malagarie defeats Jacob Devree via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:26 of round three


145 lbs.: Ronnie Mann vs. Adam Schindler

Round one: Both men trade early and Mann counters a lazy body kick and then they both start swinging for the fences! Wild exchange and Schindler presses Mann up against the fence. Mann circles out of danger they rey reset in the center of the cage. Both men trade head kicks that draw some "ooo's" from the crowd. Schindler is head hunting here and throws a big leg kick while Mann responds with a right hand to the face. They trade big hooks again and Schindler shoots for a takedown but is stuffed. Big headkick whiffs from Schindler and Mann responds with a nasty leg kick to the body. Schindler dives forward with a hook but Mann circles to safety. Big leg kick digs deep into Schindler's thigh Big eschange from both men and Mann connects clean with a right uppercut/left hook combo that drops Schindler! Mann follows him down to the ground and pounds him out with hammerfists for the knockout!

Final result: Ronnie Mann defeats Adam Schindler via knockout at 4:14 of round one


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