Strikeforce Challengers 16 results and LIVE fight coverage tonight (June 24) for 'Fodor vs Terry'


Strikeforce returns with Challengers 16 "Fodor vs. Terry" tonight (June 24) from the ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington.  The five main card bouts will air live on the premium cable channel Showtime, beginning at  11 p.m. ET.

Lightweight prospects Caros Fodor and James Terry clash in the main event of the evening, where they'll test their skills against one another to find out who is better suited to move higher up the ladder in Strikeforce's lightweight division.  In the co-main event, Ryan Couture, the son of MMA legend Randy Couture, looks to secure his third professional MMA victory against Matt Ricehouse.

The three bouts that round out the main card are intriguing in their own ways, with Lorenz Larkin looking to trade blows with Gian Villante in light heavyweight action, UFC and Dream veteran Jason High taking on an interesting welterweight prospect in Quinn Mulhern, and female MMA action when kickboxer Germaine de Randamie squares off with Julia Budd. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of the event, beginning with the Showtime telecast at 11 p.m. ET.

Be sure to join us here before, during, and after the Showtime broadcast to discuss the event as only the Maniacs here can, and keep your eyes peeled after the event comes to a close for recaps and post-fight goodies!


Caros Fodor def. James Terry via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).
Matt Ricehouse def. Ryan Couture via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
Lorenz Larkin def. Gian Villante via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
Jason High def. Quinn Mulhern via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
Julia Budd def. Germaine de Randamie  via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
Sterling Ford vs. Charon Spain
Derek Brunson def. Jeremy Hamilton via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
Eduardo Pamplona def. Jerron Peoples via TKO (punches), at 2:40 of Round 1.
Trevor Smith def. Keith Berry via technical submission (north-south choke), at 3:02 of Round 2.


155 lbs.: Caros Fodor vs. James Terry

Round 1:  Fodor comes out quick looking to clinch, Terry gets the upper hand and puts Fodor's back to the cage.  Winging punches from both men.  They clinch against the cage once again.  They shuffle into the center of the cage, nice knee to the body by Fodor.  Fodor coming forward, landing some solid punches, and another knee.  Terry clinches, and they're against the cage once again.  Fodor chasing down Terry again, hard right hand lands, and he's in pursuit, a few more strikes land, Terry forces the clinch again.  They separate, and here comes Fodor with punches connecting well.  They clinch, and disengage again, and begin to trade in the pocket, Fodor coming out on top again.  Terry clinches, he tries to separate, but Fodor sticks with him and feeds him a few jabs before clinching again.  Right hook misses for Fodor, uppercuts in the clinch by both men.  Fodor looking for a take down, Terry dumps him on his head.  Loose triangle attempt by Fodor, Terry stands, and Fodor closes the round by throwing a few upkicks.  10-9 Fodor.

Round 2:  Fodor pressures immediately, knee to the body against the cage, and Terry circles away.  Fodor chasing, attacking with the jab.  Terry looking for a take down against the cage, defended once after Terry looks to yank his bas out from under him, but one time only.  Terry scores the take down, and Terry looks for an arm triangle right off the bat.  Terry in half guard looking to pass, Fodor lifts him as he tries to pass, and scrambles to his feet.  Fodor walking him down with strikes again, Terry clinches.  Knee to the midsection by Fodor.  Terry pulls away, Fodor runs him down again and lands another knee.  Strikes in the clinch form both men, Terry backpedals away, looking to counter as Fodor unleashes some quick jabs and straights.  Terry clinches again, looking for a take down with 45 seconds left in the round.  Terry loses it, and eats a knee to the belly again.  Terry throwing knees to the thigh, and they shooting for the take down again, no dice though, Fodor defends it with ease. 10-9 Fodor.

Round 3:  Fodor comes out aggressive once again, lands a nice left that drops Terry to a knee, but he doesn't appear to be hurt, and pops right back up.  Terry clinches again, looking to bring the fight to the mat, but Fodor is having none of it.  Terry pushing with some strikes, landing well, Fodor fires a knee that catches Terry in the cup.  Temporary pause, and we're right back to business.  They trade left hooks.  Terry looks for the take down but Fodor defends.  Some dirty boxing in the clinch from Fodor.  Terry seems to say he got hit in the junk again, ref disregards it.  They touch gloves, Fodor continues his push, but Terry is landing better than he has all night.  Terry shoots, but the take down is defended.  They work for position in the clinch against the cage, not much going on here with under a minute left in the fight.  Terry goes for a take down, Fodor answers with a guillotine choke that looks good, but Terry gets to side control.  Terry makes his way into top control, firing off some strikes to end the round. Closest round of the night, I'll go with 10-9 Fodor though.

Final Result: Caros Fodor def. James Terry via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).


155 lbs.: Ryan Couture vs. Matt Ricehouse

Round 1:   They feel each other out early on the feet, Couture flashing a nice jab.  Head kick by Ricehouse is blocked.  Two straight rights land solid from Ricehouse.  They clinch, but opt to swing, Couture throwing a knee in the clinch, Ricehouse winging hooks.  Nice exchange.  A little bit of cat and mouse, and they clinch again, leading to another striking exchange, Couture gets the better of that one with some solid knees.  Couture clinches and puts Ricehouse's back to the cage, working short knees, Ricehouse manages to get underhooks and takes control for a moment, only for couture to take it back.  They separate, Ricehouse throwing a knee to the body on the exit.  Fun fight thus far.  Leg kick by Couture gets caught, and Ricehouse trips him up, putting him on his back.  Ricehouse dives into Couture's guard, opening up with some strikes.  Ricehouse stands, throwing some kicks to Couture's legs.  Couture stands, they exchange and clinch at the bell.  That was a close round, but I'm leaning towards 10-9 Ricehouse.

Round 2:  They exchange after a bit of feeling out, Couture looks to clinch, but can't tie Ricehouse down long enough to do any work.  Nice body kick by Ricehouse, Couture looking to clinch again, and misses an uppercut.  Couture coming forward looking to clinch, nice knee to the body as well.  Nice jab/head kick by Couture.  Ricehouse throws a body kick.  Couture misses a big punch, Ricehouse looking to clinch and get a take down, but he can't get it.  They work knees in the clinch and separate.  Couture stalking, push kick lands.  Nice right hand by Ricehouse as Couture misses.  Superman punch to body kick by Ricehouse, followed by a jab and knee shortly after.  Couture with a body kick, Ricehouse with a winging hook.  They exchange wildly at the bell.  10-9 Ricehouse.

Round 3:  We'll see if Ryan can be as gritty as his old man now.  Ricehouse has his range down perfectly at the moment.  Big right hand misses by Ricehouse, and Couture gets his back.  Couture looking for the take down, but Ricehouse manages to turn towards him, and they break.  Nice knee to the chin by Couture as they close the distance.  Ricehouse coming in with some punches, Couture staying away.  Nice right hand by Couture, head kick by Ricehouse grazes.  Another nice right hand by Ricehouse.  Couture eats a right hand, barely lands a counter of his own.  Ricehouse catches a kick, and takes down Couture.  Ricehouse in guard, big right hand lands.  One minute left, Couture needs to turn it up.  Body kick by Ricehouse blocked.  Couture looks to clinch, but Ricehouse gets out of dodge.  Ricehouse clinches now, lands a knee.  They separate, and exchange at the bell.  10-9 Ricehouse.

Final Result: Matt Ricehouse def. Ryan Couture via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).


205 lbs.: Lorenz Larkin vs. Gian Villante

Round 1:  Nice kicks by Villante to begin the fight, leg kick landing well.  Villante goes for a beautiful shot after another kick misses, and he gets it.  Villante looking for elbows from half guard.  Villante focusing on control here, Larkin's unable to improve his position.  Villante looking to pass, but Larkin defends, Villante feeds him a few punches for his trouble.  Villante hunting for an arm triangle, but Larkin sees it coming, and defends.  Some more punches from Villante, and Larkin manages to get him into his guard.  Larkin moving to 10th Planet BJJ's "mission control", he loses it as Villante opens up with strikes to the body and head as the round ends.  10-9 Villante.

Round 2:  Even striking between the two past the first minute, Larkin defends a take down, but Villante is sticking on him in the clinch.  Knees from Larkin, then a nice uppercut and hook.  Nasty uppercut from Larkin, and a combo.  Villante throws a big head kick that misses.  Larkin opening up with leg kicks now, as well as a stiff jab.  Larkin starting to headhunt now, slick head kick misses for Larkin.  Villante eats another leg kick, and it looks like Villante is losing steam.  Another great kick from Larkin to the belt line, then a leg kick catches Villante in the cup, and they break.  Fight resumes with 10 seconds, switch kick from Larkin blocked, but it sure was pretty. 10-9 Larkin.

Round 3:  Villante's corner told him to get his head out of his...well, they weren't pleased.  Let's see if they convinced Vilalnte to get this take down.  Larkin light on his feet and dancing, he's opening up, momentary break because of a supposed eye poke, and we're back to the fight.  Villante not mounting any offense now, save for a lone head kick that was easily blocked.  Larkin avoids a take down with ease and takes Villante with a left hook.  Kicks from Larkin to the legs, and he avoids Villante as he lunges in with a hook of his own.  Larkin staying hard to hit, he's peppering away with quick strikes, utilizing the jab.  Head kick from Larkin blocked.  Villante pauses to look at the clock, and looks exhausted.  Superman punch misses for Larkin at the final minute mark.  Villante trying to come forward with punches in the final 20 seconds, and at the 10 second mark, Larkin scores a take down of his own, and finishes with a few shots to the body.  10-9 Larkin.

Final Result: Lorenz Larkin def. Gian Villante via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).


170 lbs.: Jason High vs. Quinn Mulhern

Round 1:  Mulhern aggressive early, using his size advantage well.  Mulhern throwing plenty, not landing much though.  Take down for High, he throws a few punches, and stands,  Mulhern gets up quick.  Another take down for high, plays out the same as the last, a few punches, and he stands, Mulhern follows.  Nasty kick lands for High.  Take down from High, gets his leg caught, but he defends against the leg lock.  They're up again, Mulhern chasing him down with his rangey punches, but he's put down by another High take down.  Mulhern looking for the leg again, but he loses it.  High backs off, and Mulhern returns to his feet.  Take down again for High, and I'm feeling like a broken record.  They stand, probing with jabs, and another take down by High at the 10 second mark, the round ends.  10-9 High, and the crowd is restless.

Round 2:  High shoots early, Mulhern ties High up, but High stands as Mulhern looks for rubber guard.  High dives in with a big punch that misses, and begins to work from guard.  Mulhern looking for a leg again, High steps away, Mulhern follows and stands, High answers with big slam take down.  High staying active, but he's yet to land any damaging shots from top control.  They stand, body kick by Mulhern lands, but is caught, and High scores the take down.  High in guard, Mulhern working a body triangle, then moves to rubber guard, but High slips out, High throwing, but still not landing...take that back, something landed, and Mulhern is bleeding over his eye.  High stands, Mulhern pops up, High feeds him a left hook.  High gets the take down, then stands over Mulhern, nice punch lands by High as he dives in again.  Round ends with High in top position.  10-9 High.

Round 3:  Uppercut by Mulhern misses as High shoots in, and lands another take down.  High in half guard, Mulhern gets him into his guard quickly.  Mulhern trying to get wrist control, High giving him nothing.  High stands, Mulhern follows, take down by High again after a left hook.  Ref stands them up as they're working, not that it matters, High gets a take down right as the ref tells them to fight.  High looking for a D'arce, but Mulhern fights it off, they find their way to their feet once again, Mulhern has a single, High spins, finds himself at Mulhern's back, Mulhern looking to roll for a knee bar.  That was a fun exchange, but we're back to High in top control, Mulhern just unable to get anything going.  High gets Mulhern's back after a scramble, they stand, High slams him, and he moves into half guard.  High finishes the round throwing some light strikes, and I'm scoring that 10-9 High once again.

Final Result: Jason High def. Quinn Mulhern via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


145 lbs.: Germaine De Randamie vs. Julia Budd

Round 1:  Budd quickly closes the distance and initiates the clinch, and she works for a take down against the cage.  Budd gets the take down, De Randamie looking for an arm in guillotine, but it's not even close.  Budd in half guard, trying to get her head free, and she does.  At the 2:45 mark, Budd passes into full mount, and De Randamie is trying to hold her in place and prevent her from creating any distance.  Budd postures up and throws some strikes, De Randamie throws punches of her own.  Budd gets in close again, and goes for an armbar, she loses the position, and De Randmie is in her guard.  They stand, and Budd charges in for the take down again right away.  A minor struggle, and De Randamie is taken down by Budd.  Budd in guard peppering with strikes, nothing significant landing.  The round comes to a close, and that's easily a 10-9 for Budd.

Round 2:  De Randamie looking to tee off, keeping a low base to defend against the take down, but she can't prevent another clinch from Budd.  De Randamie grabs the cage to prevent the take down, Budd still working for it though.  3:20 left in the round, and Budd hasn't got the take down yet.  De Randamie tries to pepper Budd with strikes while defending, and gives up the take down.  Budd in side control, and looking to pass into mount.  De Randamie wall walks against the cage, and manages to escape to her feet.  De Randamie initiates a thai clinch, and the knees start coming, Budd manages to get underhooks, and she's looking for the take down again.  Take down by Budd, De Randamie looking for the guillotine again, but Budd is in half guard, and she can't get it.  Budd gets her head free, but De Randamie is the one peppering with strikes from bottom.  Budd tries to pass, but the bell sounds.  10-9 Budd.

Round 3:  They touch gloves, Budd comes in looking to clinch, De Randamie tosses her to the mat and pounces with strikes.  De Randamie stacks Budd up and starts throwing punches, nothing landing very clean though.  Budd manages to get to her knees and shoots, De Randamie snatches up the non-threatening guillotine again, but uses it to end up on top after Budd's take down attempt.  De Randamie stacks once again, Budd looking for upkicks, but they can't find a home.  Budd manages to get to her knees and stand while De Randamie has a front headlock.  Budd drives forward and gets the take down.  Against the cage, Budd in De Randamie's guard, not much going on though.  De Randamie looks to throw up a triangle, but no dice.  Ref stand up with 40 seconds in the round, Budd goes right back for a take down, De Randamie throws a knee as she gives up the single leg.  Budd finishes out the round throwing punches in De Randamie's guard.  10-9 for Budd, and this should be a clean cut victory.

Final Result: Julia Budd def. Germaine De Randamie via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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