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Razing the bar: Zuffa flags Nebraska establishment for unauthorized PPV stream

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It may be "last call" for a local bar in Nebraska.

The Zuffa legal eagles are flying high again, this time swooping down and sinking their talons into the scurvy pirates at The Edge Bar and Grill in Alda.

After UFC President Dana White vowed to make life miserable for the chiselers who stream illegal feeds of live UFC programming, The Journal Star reports that the Zuffa legal team may have bagged their latest casualty in the war on pirates.


Zuffa is suing Larry Davidson of Elwood, NE, for broadcasting the UFC 128: "Shogun vs. Jones" pay-per-view to his patrons at The Edge without proper authorization.

Here's why:

"It is logical to conclude that (the bar) either used an illegal satellite receiver, misrepresented their business establishment as a residence or removed an authorized receiver from one location to a different business location in order to intercept Plaintiff's broadcast," the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Lincoln says.

Larry Davidson of Elwood, named as The Edge's owner in the lawsuit, did not respond to a message left on the bar's answering machine.

The UFC accuses Davidson and his company of illegally receiving the broadcast, showing the event without distribution rights and violating copyright law.

The promoter is seeking as much as $260,000, plus attorney's fees.


Sounds like Davidson wanted his bar to have the fights, but didn't feel like coughing up the hefty price tag eateries are required to pay to show them. Remember, innocent until proven guilty!

Anyone think these frequent busts will help curb future theft? Or is the UFC picking on the little guy?

Where do you stand in this debate?