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UFC Quick Quote: Anthony Pettis is overrated

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Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

"Pettis is overrated. I just think he's too flashy. He's not what everyone thinks he is. First of all, he should have not taken a fight. He should have sat on his ass and waited for his title shot. I wouldn't have done that, I would have fought too because I can't sit around, but now where does he go? Who knows, hopefully he goes against me, because that would be awesome."

Streaking UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone (15-3) tells Pro MMA Radio he agrees with Gray Maynard's recent assessment of Anthony Pettis. "The Bully" balked at the idea of "Showtime" getting a UFC lightweight title fight after his five round win (and highlight reel kick) over Ben Henderson under the now-defunct WEC banner. Pettis coughed up his number one contender status when he came off the bench to answer the call of Clay Guida at the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 Finale earlier this month after he was unable to saw his way through "The Carpenter's" wooden top control. Is Cerrone unjustly hating on his fellow WEC import? Or does "Cowboy" have a valid argument? Whose side are you taking in this debate? And who else (besides Nostradumbass) is up for a "Cerrone vs. Pettis" grudge match?