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UFC 133: Jorge Rivera is too old to keep getting punched in the head

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Memo to Alessio Sakara: You're supposed to respect your elders, not punch them in the head.

Unfortunately he may not have a choice, as "Legionarius" is currently booked to throw hands against Jorge Rivera on the main card of UFC 133: "Evans vs. Davis" on Aug. 6 in Philadelphia.

And it could be the last hurrah for "El Conquistador."

Rivera makes his return to the Octagon after a second round technical knockout loss to Michael Bisping at UFC 127 back in February. The New England native suffered an illegal knee during the controversial bout against "The Count," which may have assisted in handing him his first loss since 2008.

A second straight in "The City of Brotherly Love" and it could be Ranger down ... permanently.

Here's why:

"I’ve been thinking that this might be the last fight," Rivera tells The Boston Herald. "I’m going to give it all I’ve got. The last fight left me kind of flat. Other than being sick of fighting, I’m not sure I want to do that. I’m getting to 40-years-old now. I don’t want to be taking unnecessary blows to the head. I want to come out with a W and maybe take one or two big fights and then I’m done."

Despite the recent loss to Bisping, Rivera's pre-fight viral video campaign helped increase his profile among the casual fan base, which in turn has elevated him to a recognizable presence inside the cage.

Sakara is also coming off a frustrating loss, a unanimous decision defeat at the hands of budding prospect Chris Weidman at UFC on Versus 3 back in March. The Italian boxer was repeatedly taken down and beaten up in Kentucky -- but he'll have no such problems in his fight against Rivera.

Expect the leather to fly until someone drops.

But will it be Rivera? And do you believe he's at the end of his career? Hard to imagine a fighter walking away after a big win, but it also depends on how much punishment he receives inside the cage.

Let's hear your take on how this UFC 133 middleweight mash-up unfolds.