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UFC Quick Quote: Phil Davis likes being the underdog against Rashad Evans

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Photo via MMA Weekly
Photo via MMA Weekly

"I like being under the radar. I like being the underdog. I'd prefer people to think that Rashad's gonna win. That leaves me with nothing to do but my job - to get in there and entertain. Anything I do will be like 'Man, I didn't know he knew how to punch? Man, he looks like he's dazed!' Anything I do will be icing on the cake. I like coming in as the underdog. Eventually, I won't be. By the time I get to that point, I'll be capable of coming in as the favorite and just being a strong favorite ... I really don't know where [a win] would put me other than in a really great spot. Really great spot with the company. Really great spot in that title line. It's the next step in my career. This is gonna put me in that elite level of the 205 division."

Surging UFC light heavyweight contender Phil Davis gives The Fight Fix a "Wonderful" assessment of his Octagon skills as he heads into a UFC 133 main event opposite former 205-pound champion Rashad Evans on Aug. 6 in Philadelphia. The undefeated wrestler out of Penn State could potentially earn a title shot in early 2012 if he can prove he is indeed sweeter than "Suga" in the "City of Brotherly Love." Anyone think Davis gets the big win in Philly? Or will Evans crack him like the Liberty bell? Predictions for this late summer headliner?