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Viva South America! UFC 134 the first of many events, including 'Fight Nights,' to be held in Brazil

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So says UFC President Dana White when asked about whether the promotion plans to make Brazil a regular pit stop in years to come.

The world's largest fight promotion hasn't held an event in Brazil since 1998, back when it was still owned by SEG. Once the Zuffa overlords took the struggling organization from rags to riches, it was only a matter of time before it brought the big show back to its roots.

That starts with UFC 134: "Silva vs. Okami," a mega summer event headlined by prominent Brazilian and Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva defending his title against Yushin Okami.

Naturally, the promotion has loaded the rest of the card with famous natives of the world's fifth largest country, including Mauricio Rua, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Luiz Cane and Paulo Thiago.

With that kind of star power, it wouldn't be out of line to think UFC was preparing for a one-off blowout event. This is not the case.

Not according to White, anyway, who said today at a press conference his company has plans to expand beyond Rio de Janiero to take advantage of one of mixed martial arts biggest markets.

"We're going to take this thing not only here to Rio but all over Brazil and not just with big pay-per-view fights but we're going to bring "Fight Nights" here to Brazil, too. The answer is, 'yes,' we're going to be down here a lot and to different cities around Brazil."

Viva Brazil, indeed.

By the time the year is out, it's possible that of the seven major weight classes, three of them could see Brazilians holding the championship belts.

Three out of seven ain't bad.

On top of that, Brazil can widely be credited as the birthplace of mixed martial arts as we know it today. It's only right the top promotion in the game gives a little bit back, right Maniacs?

What do you think of the UFC announcing multiple future shows in one of the world's top MMA hotbeds?