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UFC 134: Anderson Silva motivated to defend Brazil against Yushin Okami on Aug. 27

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Keyword: motivated.

This is usually the issue when dealing with a fight genius like Anderson Silva. He's so far ahead of the rest of the class, he often gets himself in trouble for acting out.

Like the way he toyed with Patrick Cote before "The Predator" blew his knee out at UFC 90. Or how he laughed at Thales Leites and his feeble attempts at taking their fight to the floor at UFC 97.

The worst of it was his shuck and jive routine against Demian Maia at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi. This performance was so embarrassing to Octagon boss Dana White, he literally threw the belt at Silva's manager, Ed Soares, and told him in so many words, "You f*cking put the belt on him."

That was before White blasted him to the media and threatened to can him if he ever did anything like that again.

Thanks to Chael Sonnen's "heroics" and Vitor Belfort's love affair with feet, "The Spider" briefly did away with memories of his past performances that left so much to be desired.

Enter Yushin Okami.

Silva has already stated he doesn't feel the need to fight "Thunder," despite their first fight ending inconclusively. Bad sign? Maybe, but his coaches tell Tatame he has outside motivation to perform well.

Josuel Distak: Okami has to be on his best to fight in Brazil. The most important thing is that Anderson needs a great motivation to fight, and thanks' God his greatest motivation now is to be fighting in Brazil. It'd be tough on Okami, because Anderson is a lot motivated for it, he'll be defending his country at home.

Rogerio Camoes: And the most interesting factor is that this bout is a rematch of a bout that wasn't really convincing. Anderson was clearly winning the fight, but unfortunately he applied an illegal coup, and so there was something odd about it. Both for Anderson and Okami, this being a rematch is really interesting, and it's really important because he's coming for a rematch, so he has a big responsibility to put on a good show in Brazil.

Silva and Okami first met inside a cage back in 2006, with "Thunder" scoring a controversial win over "The Spider" via disqualification (illegal upkick). Silva has not lost since, winning an astonishing 14 straight fights and cementing himself as among (if not the) best mixed martial artists in the world along the way.

This will mark a record ninth time (and counting) Silva will defend his middleweight title inside the Octagon.

Okami, meanwhile, has built an impressive UFC resume of his own, winning 10 of his 12 fights with the promotion, the most recent of which, over Nate Marquardt in Germany, earned him a long-awaited shot at the middleweight crown.

The Japanese import now finally gets his chance to become the first man to defeat the Brazilian within the not-so-friendly confines of the eight-sided playground ... in hostile territory no less.

Can he do it?

If the Anderson Silva that showed up against Cote, Leites and Maia rears his ugly head, then he very well could. But if "The Spider" that took out Sonnen and Belfort (along with so many others) comes to the cage, it could be a long night for Okami.

It's pretty much a coin flip, Maniacs. Which side is facing up?