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UFC Quick Quote: Hockey is 'like a religion' to the fans of Vancouver Canucks

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"Hockey is extremely popular up here, it’s like a religion to these guys. But when you get out of (Canada), they’re not going that crazy over it. Even in Boston, the Bruins are in the playoffs, but there’s not a lot of hockey fans there. You put them up against the Patriots, the Celtics and the Red Sox, it’s not even close. It’s interesting to come up here and see how fired-up people are about hockey, like (Friday) night. I went to the game and, after the game was over, I thought the series was over and that they had won, the way the people were acting. It was pretty crazy."

Did the decision to hold UFC 131: "Dos Santos vs. Carwin" in hockey-crazed Vancouver backfire against Dana White and the Zuffa regime? White tells media members (via Toronto Sun) that the fan reaction to the Canucks game five win last Friday night (June 10) was the exception, not the norm, and that outside of Vancouver nobody is "dancing in the street" when their hockey team wins. Sour grapes over reportedly low ticket sales and tempered pre-fight buzz for UFC 131? And does this have to do with the trip to "Hollywood North?" Or the absence of Brock Lesnar? Any Maniacs out there loving both hockey and MMA?