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UFC 131 results: Sam Stout knocks out Yves Edwards cold

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"Hands of Stone," indeed.

Not many fans would have picked Sam Stout to win "Knockout of the Night" tonight in his UFC 131 preliminary bout against massive MMA veteran Yves Edwards in his Spike TV.

But he may have done exactly that.

Stout, a veteran of 10 previous UFC fights, had never scored a stoppage victory inside the Octagon.

He empahtically ended that drought tonight.

Edwards got off to a great start early, utilizing his reach advantage and taking Stout down. When Stout got back to his feet, it was the beginning of the end for the "Thug-jitsu Master."

Edwards lunged forward and landed a clean right hand on Stout's chin but was met with a massive counter left hook that clipped him clean on the chin and he went down ... hard.

The former uncrowned lightweight champion fell stiff to his back, completely out cold.

Stout wisely didn't follow up his knockout blow and instead raised his hands in victory and celebrated with his team. It was an absolutely devastating knockout and certainly set the stage to perhaps get fans excited enough to purchase the pay-per-view.

Who's ready to see "Hands of Stone" in the Octagon again?