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UFC 131 results: Chris Wiedman chokes out Jesse Bongfeldt

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Chris Weidman is still very young in his mixed martial arts career.

He looked like a seasoned veteran, however, in his UFC 131 preliminary bout against Jesse Bongfeldt in the opening free Spike TV fight for "Dos Santos vs. Carwin," choking out "Water" in the first round.

The former All-American wrestler out of Hofstra scored big takedowns early against Bongfeldt but he also showcased a significantly improved all-around game with his striking and submissions as the first round wore on.

All that hard work at Matt Serra's academy seemed to pay off.

It appeared that Weidman had injured his knee while on top of his Canadian counterpart but he gutted through the injury and fought for the finish regardless.

With just seconds remaining in the first round, Weidman landed a brutal knee to the stomach and then latched on a standing guillotine choke.

The gritty wrestler pushed forward, pressing Bongfeldt into the fence which forced the tap with just three seconds remaining.

It was Weidman's sixth professional fight but it looks like UFC has found a diamond in the rough. Hopefully his knee injury isn't severe and he's able to get back into the Octagon soon.