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UFC Quick Quote: BJ Penn is 'champing at the bit to fight right now'

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"No, we don't have anything yet. B.J.'s been calling (Shields) out, B.J.'s champing at the bit to fight right now, he wants to fight. Right now that's what we're waiting on. As far as a lot of these fights go, guys that are injured, guys that are not, guys that are coming back, once all these guys heal up we're going to have a crazy roster."

-- Three men make a division. Speaking with, UFC President Dana White explained the reason for not booking fights for three of his top welterweight contenders -- injuries. Although he says B.J. Penn is "champing at the bit" to return to action right away, that doesn't appear imminent. "The Prodigy" traded barbs with Jake Shields recently on Twitter with both fighters agreeing to a prospective match-up. Of course, there's always Jon Fitch to consider, who still has some unfinished business of his own. He and Penn fought to an inconclusive draw back on Feb. 27 at UFC 127 in a fight that was supposed to crown the 170-pound number one contender. However, he's currently on the shelf until Dec. thanks to a well-documented shoulder injury and subsequent surgery. When he finally does make his return, he says it needs to be against a fighter who is either holding the title, or has previously held one. Naturally, Shields and Penn may not want to wait around long enough to welcome him back to the Octagon. Three's a crowd but it only takes two to tango, Maniacs, so who should square off against who? And when?