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Josh Koscheck wants middleweight return fight in Oct. against Stephan Bonnar for a 'nice, easy comeback fight'

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You. Me. Octagon. 9:00 p.m. Be there!

Just yesterday, light heavyweight goofball Stephan Bonnar seemingly came out of nowhere to say he would "drop a lot of weight" to fight welterweight heel Josh Koscheck.

As he would go on to explain, the reason for this is that he didn't appreciate Koscheck getting his legal eagles involved in their business dealings in regards to Bonnar's use of his likeness for a tee shirt line.

"The American Psycho" tried to explain it's just a joke and no harm intended.

It didn't matter to "Kos," who brought his lawyers into the fold anyway. That's when Bonnar decided he would cut off a leg to drop enough weight to fight his new nemesis.

Of course, there are two sides to every story and Koscheck has given his to It would seem he actually had a good reason to call up the dogs.

"He's never got any paperwork from my attorney's or my managers to do this shirt. He's never contacted me and he was told not to do it, he put me in breach and I had no other choice. He put my back against the wall and I didn't have any other reason to do this or choice and there's never been a problem, but now he created a problem. Now, Stephan Bonnar is calling me out and it's absurd, that p***y really needs to think about who he's calling out because when he becomes a B level fighter, then I'll take him serious. But right now, he's not even a B level fighter so I'm not taking him serious. If he does want to fight me and run his mouth and continue to run his mouth personally, then we can settle this. I'll fight him at 185 for the fans, because I know there's a lot of people out there right now that this is a big deal and I'll make that my comeback fight hopefully in October. All day long, that'd be a nice, easy comeback fight. I'd like to have a nice warmup fight and Stephan Bonnar would be that fight."

Shit just got real.

As Koscheck explains in the full interview, he already has an exclusive deal in place with another apparel company and that's the reason he told Bonnar he needed to cease and desist all production of any shirts using his likeness.

Apparently playing nice didn't work and that's when the lawyers were called in.

That got Bonnar up in arms enough to start talking smack, which, of course, riled Koscheck up enough to fire back and here we are. 

Would anyone care to see these two "trash talkin' kids" go at it later this year?

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