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MFC 30 results and LIVE fight coverage TONIGHT (June 10) from Edmonton

MFC 30 took place tonight (June 10, 2011), from the Mayfield Inn Trade and Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. 

The event aired LIVE on HDNet beginning with the televised card at 10 p.m. ET. delivered LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of MFC 30 below.

Headlining the main event was a lightweight battle between the resurgent Drew Fickett and the very game Brian Cobb. Cobb stepped in after Hermes Franca's legal issues and breach of contract forced the MFC to release him from the promotion and cancel his title fight.

Also on the card was a pair of UFC veterans Marcus Davis and Pete Spratt who were battling in a rematch from nearly four years ago at UFC 69. Spratt was out for revenge after losing to Davis via Achilles lock the last time out.

The brother of exiled MFC welterweight champion Douglas Lima, Dhiego Lima also competed on the card as well taking on Jamie Toney in a welterweight showdown.

See below for the latest MFC 30 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

Main Event

155 lbs.: Brian Cobb def. Drew Fickett via TKO at 4:44 of round 1

Co-Main Event

170 lbs.:  Marcus Davis def. Pete Spratt via unanimous decision

165 lbs.: Sheldon Westcott def. Thomas Denny via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Dhiego Lima def. Jamie Toney via TKO at 2:47 round 1
155 lbs.: Curtis Demarce def. Robert Washington via split decision
185 lbs.: Andreas Spang def. Cody Krahn via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:18 round 1
155 lbs.: Mukai Maromo def. Scott Cleve via TKO at 0:36 round 1
155 lbs.: Garrett Nybakken def Jevon Marshall via TKO 0:16 round 1


155 lbs.: Brian Cobb (18-6) vs. Drew Fickett (41-13)

Round one: Cobb opens with an early leg kick and Fickett presses forward with his aggressive striking style. Cobb lunges forward with a right hand and Fickett scores a takedown but Cobb scrambles quickly and gets back to his feet. Ficket lands a nice left hand and Cobb answers with a right of his own. Cobb again lunges forward and Fickett takes his back standing. Fickett jumps on Cobb's back with both hooks in and Cobb somersaults forward attempting to escape the bad position but Fickett remains glued to his back. Fickett locks in a body triangle from Cobby's back and works for the rear naked choke and there's still half of the first round remaining. Cobb is defending well so far. Cobb transitions from a rear naked choke to a face crank but Cobb is resilient. Cobb frees himself from the body triangle but Fickett still has the hooks in. Fickett temporarily has the rear naked choke sunk in but Cobb twists into Fickett's guard and starts unleashing his frustration on Fickett's face! Fickett covers up and Cobb just begins dropping bombs. Most of them aren't getting through but Fickett isn't fighting back. Cobb advances to half guard and drops even more big strikes that start snapping Fickett's head back and the referee stops the fight! Amazing comeback by Brian Cobb!

Final Result: Brian Cobb defeats Drew Fickett via TKO at 4:44 of round one



170 lbs.: Pete Spratt (22-19) vs. Marcus Davis (18-8)

Round one: Marcus Davis quickly circles Spratt, using his excellent footwork to set up angles for attack. There's a bit of a feeling out process as Davis continues to use his movement and footwork to avoid any attacks from Spratt. Davis lands a strong kick and quickly backs away again. Spratt throws a head kick that misses and attempts a leg kick but David counters with a big right hand. They clinch briefly but Davis backs away. Spratt lunges forward with a huge right hook to the body and Davis responds with a big knee to the face. Head kick attempt from Spratt is blocked and Davis pushes forward with a left hand. Left hook connects for Davis and both men clinch, trading knees. Davis counters a Spratt lazy jab with a swift 1-2 combination. As the round is expiring, Davis shoots for a takedown and is denied. 10-9 Davis

Round two: Spratt tries to go back to work with leg kicks but Davis catches it and immediately takes him down. Spratt turtles and gets back to his feet. Spratt throws a right hand but is countered by Davis. Another leg kick from Spratt and he tries to follow it up with another but Davis reaches down to catch it. Spratt avoids a takedown and Davis initiates a clinch in the corner. BIG knee from Davis in the clinch and they reset. Davis circles to his left and catches another Spratt kick and takes him down again. Davis postures up with some ground and pound and throws a right elbow that sneaks through Spratt's defenses. Davis is very active from above here, throwing damaging blows from half guard. Spratt turtles and gets to his feet again. Right body kick from Spratt is countered with a big left hand from Davis. Spratt attempts a left leg kick and Davis again shoots forward and takes him down. Davis finishes the round in Spratt's half guard. 10-9 Davis

Round three: Davis pushes the pace early. Spratt misses with a right high kick and Davis counters with a big shot that knocks Spratt down. Spratt may have been a little off balance on a kick attempt. Davis still bouncing around in great condition here. Davis pushes forward and clinches in the corner, throwing knees to Spratt's body. They reset in the center of the cage and Davis lands a lunging knee to the body. Davis avoids a kick and lands a nice left hand. Spratt's nose is bleeding and he needs something drastic here. Davis walks through a big strike from Spratt. Davis pushes forward and connects with a big left hand and takes Spratt's back standing. Spratt turns away from danger and pushes free. Davis throws a big kick and Spratt backs away as the fight ends. Davis raises his hands in the air and he's likely won a decision. 10-9 Davis

Final Result: Marcus Davis defeats Pete Spratt via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)


165 lbs.: Thomas Denny (27-18-1) vs. Sheldon Westcott (4-1-1)

Round one: Westcott takes quick command of the center and presses the action. Westcott clinches and takes Denny down early. Westcott passes to half guard and he's looking for a submission, possibly a D'arce choke but Denny is defending well, locking his legs down from bottom. Westcott is much more patient this time around from top position and he passes to side control. Westcott starts dropping some elbows on Denny from side control and Denny turtles. Westcott tries to drop big bombs but Denny rolls over and retains half guard. Westcott again passes to side control and Denny actively tries to escape. Denny turtles and eats punches to the back of the head. The referee warns him and then stands both fighters up. They reset and Westcott clinches, throwing big knees to Denny's body and takes him down with authority. Westcott looks for a Kimura and Denny slips out and takes top position as the round concludes. 10-9 Westcott

Round two: Westcott opens with a big kick and Denny responds with a superman punch. Westcott with a combination of crisp punches and Denny latches on a guillotine in the clinch. Westcott goes to the ground and slips his head out, passing to side control in the process. Westcott patiently passes to full mount and postures up but Denny hip escapes back to half guard. Wesctott attempts an arm triangle but Denny escapes as the round concludes. 10-9 Westcott

Round three: Thomas Denny going for broke early and Westcott scores a takedown. Denny puts up a guillotine to defend and Westcott slips free. Westcott throws shots at the back of Denny's head again and this time the referee deducts a point. If Denny wins this round, we could be headed for another draw. After the reset, Westcott clocks Denny standing and rocks the Wildman. Westcott follows Denny to the ground with some ground and pound and he latches on a guillotine choke. Denny's head is turning purple but he somehow frees himself. Westcott attempts an arm triangle and it looks like he has it but Denny again escapes. Westcott stays on top, holding him down from half guard in top position as the fight ends. 9-9 with the point deduction.

Final Result: Sheldon Westcott defeats Thomas Denny via unanimous decision (29-27) x 3


170 lbs.: Jamie Toney (14-6) vs. Dhiego Lima (5-0)

Round one: Tony takes command of the cage center and lands a nasty leg kick early. Lima ducks a combination of hooks from Toney and circles away from danger. Another leg kick lands for Toney. Big overhand right from Toney connects and both men clinch. Lima misses with a hook and is countered by Toney and he follows it up with multiple leg kicks. Both men trade big blows and Lima clinches looking for a takedown but can't get it and backs off. Lima clinches, throws two big glancing knees and ragdolls Toney to the ground and starts dropping some massive ground and pound. He explodes with big strikes, stacks Toney up and knocks him out cold on the ground with a hammerfist!

Final Result: Dhiego Lima defeats Jamie Toney via technical knockout at 2:47 of round one



155 lbs.: Robert Washington (9-3) vs. Curtis Demarce (10-10)

Round one: Washington throws a right hand immediately after the glove tap and pushes forward. Washington lands several short uppercuts from the clinch and Demarce responds with a knee to the body. Washington has Demarce pinned in the corner of the ring pounding away with short body strikes and Demarce looks bored. The referee separates them and they reset. Washington's footwork is notably improved from his last fight. Demarce lands a kick to the body and Washington responds with a 1-2 combination. Demarce clinches and pushes Washington into the ropes, throwing short knees to the legs. Washington and Demarce posture and Demarce misses with a huge knee to the head. Washington shoots in for a takedown with a minute left and he gets it and passes to half guard. He throws some brief ground and pound as the round expires. 10-9 Washington

Round two: Demarce lands a BIG shot that drops Washington as the round begins but Robert gets back to his feet quickly. Demarce presses the pace now, stalking Washington. Demarce initiates a clinch and both men trade uppercuts. Demarce is oozing confidence right now. He wades forward with big looping hooks and Washington slams him to the canvas with authority. Demarce is really active off his back here, blasting away with elbows from bottom and looking for submissions. Washington is doing absolutely nothing with his top position right now and Demarce is winning from the bottom. Demarce climbs up his legs looking for an armbar but can't lock anything in. Washington gets back to his feet but slickly drops down into a half guard pass. The round ends with Washington dropping some short elbows. Very tough round to call but I'll go 10-9 Demarce

Round three: Demarce really looking to land a big hook and Washington shoots for a takedown, pushing him into the ropes. Both men clinch and Washington drops down for a takedown but Demarce grabs the ropes. He's warned by the referee and Washington is persistent and puts Demarce on his back again. Demarce is half out of the ropes and the referee resets them in the center of the ring. Demarce attempts an arm bar but Washington shrugs it off. Demarce dives forward with a huge hook attempt but Washington ducks it and takes him down again. Demarce gets back to his feet with 10 seconds remaining but can't forward any offense. 10-9 Washington

Final Result: Robert Washington defeats Curtis Demarce via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

*Correction the commission overturns the victory for Washington. Apparently the 30-27 score was supposed to be for Demarce.



185 lbs.: Andreas Spang (5-1) vs. Cody Krahn (10-3)

Round one: Krahn immediately shoots for a takedown and Spang latches on a guillotine choke. Spang has the choke on tight and he advances to mount! He's really squeezing hard and even if he can't finish the choke, he's in mount. Krahn escapes and gets to his feet and again shoots for a takedown but leaves his neck exposed for the guillotine again and this time is forced to tap.

Final Result: Andreas Spang defeats Cody Krahn via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:18 of round one


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