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UFC Quick Quote: Dude, what are you doing fighting?

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"We were sitting in the airport. There’s a kid (James Head) fighting (at UFC 131). He’s smarter than me. He’s a petroleum engineer. It kind of goes electrical engineer, chemical, petroleum, then mechanical. If he was a civil engineer, I wouldn’t think so much of him (laughs). But he’s petroleum. I looked at him and thought ‘What are you doing fighting, dude?’ And then I thought to myself, ‘That’s a dumb question. What am I doing fighting?’"

UFC 131 headliner Shane Carwin shares a recent revelation with The Vancouver Sun regarding his mixed martial arts career. Presumably, this "dude" is fighting because he's good at it, as evidenced by his 12-1 record and penchant for stiffening foes inside the first five minutes of a fight. Carwin is also a full-time engineer but had to keep himself in check when fellow brainiac James Head was added to the "Dos Santos vs. Carwin" fight card on June 11 in Vancouver. What is the mark of a true fighter? Someone who could very easily make a living at something else but fights anyway? Or is anyone with enough balls to step inside the cage worthy of that title? Let's hear your opinion on this one Maniacs.