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Nick Diaz contract with Zuffa details and what it means for Georges St. Pierre fight, UFC and Strikeforce

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Photo by <a href="" target="new">Esther Lin</a> via <a href="" target="new">Strikeforce</a>
Photo by Esther Lin via Strikeforce

Nick Diaz will challenge Georges St. Pierre for the UFC welterweight title at UFC 137 on Oct. 29 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

That much we know.

There are still many questions, however, regarding how exactly this superfight came to be, especially considering all the misinformation bandied about in recent days.

Thankfully, Cesar Gracie has been talking to anyone with two ears. And from his mouth, we've been able to piece together a few points that will hopefully answer some of the larger questions.

But they will also only open the door for a few more. It's a vicious cycle, but what can ya' do?

Here's a rundown of what Gracie told MMAFighting and USA Today about the situation surrounding the superfight and what we've been able to deduce from his words:

  • The fight was announced today, which is when the contract arrived at Zuffa offices. Diaz signed the bout agreement yesterday.
  • Diaz has signed a new eight-fight deal with Zuffa that will reportedly allow him to fight in both Strikeforce and UFC.
  • The deal he signed did NOT involve him boxing and, in fact, expressly forbid it.
  • Zuffa allegedly more or less told Gracie and Diaz that if he gave up boxing they would give him GSP and that's all it took for the pugilist dreams to die.
  • The fight location came down to either somewhere in Canada or Las Vegas. Gracie told UFC he would prefer Vegas, but would fight wherever.
  • Gracie hopes this marks the end of Diaz's run in Strikeforce and said he believes the only reason Diaz would return is if he loses this fight against St. Pierre.
  • Gracie says that while dominant wrestlers have given Diaz a great deal of trouble in the past, he will counter the strong grappling game of GSP with his "true black-belt jiu-jitsu."

There you have it, Maniacs.

Was this the right move for UFC to make, all things considered with the welterweight division? Or would you have rather seen St. Pierre wait for a superfight against Anderson Silva?

Happy with today's announcement?

As always, stay tuned to for more on St. Pierre vs. Diaz and UFC 137 details as they become available.