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Zombieland: Chan Sung Jung calls out Mark Hominick

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

When Chan Sung Jung submitted Leonard Garcia with a twister back on March 26 at UFC Fight Night 24: "Nogueira vs. Davis," it broke a two-fight skid and gave him just his second win in five fights.

And, not to get greedy or anything, but he feels like he deserves a nice little step up in the featherweight division because of it. He made this clear with a short, but sweet, tweet:

"I want Mark Hominick."

With a 2-3 record over the last two years, it's questionable if "The Korean Zombie" qualifies for a bout against Hominick, whose only loss during that same span was a five-round slugfest with the 145-pound king, Jose Aldo.

Thankfully, though, the Canadian banger has answered the call (also via Twitter) and he's all-in, baby.

"Korean Zombie would be an awesome fight! ... People have been asking about Korean Zombie. It would be a great fight and would love to do it if it was offered."

Hominick is on the heels of his first loss in three years, the aforementioned war of attrition against the featherweight champion. His spirited effort may not have earned him the victory but it did earn him plenty of praise.

He was also told by UFC President Dana White that he would only need two more victories before he is given another chance at the division crown.

Will one of them be against Chan Sung Jung?

Stay tuned.

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