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Georges St. Pierre eye poke injury update

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Not since Perseus robbed the Graiae witches has there been this much fuss over one little eye.

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre today (May 6, 2011) updated fans on the eye injury he suffered at the hands (and fingers) of Jake Shields in their UFC 129 title fight back on April 30 in Toronto.

"Rush" tweets that he's suffering from a condition known as "Hyphema," which is described by people smarter than me as "bleeding in the front portion of the eye leading to ocular pain, light sensitivity and blurred vision."

The good news is his retina is "fine" and his vision is expected to return to 100-percent in the very near future.

But will the welterweight title picture still be a blur upon his return?

Even with news of the injury, many fans and pundits alike refused to give St. Pierre credit for his most recent title defense, panning his performance for a perceived "lack of killer instinct" and "play it safe" mentality to stay out of danger.

This has become a trend recently for the welterweight kingpin, who is beginning to alienate even some of his most loyal fans.

But is there a way to turn the tide? A super-fight showdown against Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz would certainly help, assuming Diaz doesn't jump ship for greener pastures in "the sweet science."

GSP has some mandatory time off forthcoming but that doesn't mean a Diaz match-up is an impossibility somewhere down the road. Early fall, perhaps?

Besides, who else is left for St. Pierre to fight? Anyone want to make a case for Anthony Johnson if he gets past Nate Marquardt in Pittsburgh?

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