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Floyd Mayweather arrested (again) and charged with misdemeanor harassment

You would think a guy with Floyd Mayweather's income wouldn't mind paying a few parking tickets.

Then again, nothing the champion boxer does ever seems to make sense, from toying with the public over a potential "super fight" to sparring with the mother of three of his children (without her consent).

Mayweather was arrested today (May 5) in Las Vegas for "misdemeanor harassment" stemming from an October 2010 incident where he threatened to have security guards shot for ticketing his cars.

Details of the incident (via after the jump:

According to the criminal complaint, it all happened back in October [when] two security guards cited a couple of Mayweather's cars parked outside his 12,000-foot mansion ... and Floyd flipped.

Mayweather allegedly threatened the guards -- who patrol the boxer's upscale housing community -- after he noticed the citations, claiming, "My homies have guns. If you want me to call them, they'd come over here and take care of you."

According to the complaint, Floyd added, "These are my f**king cars. Don't touch my f**king cars."

Mayweather was previously arrested by Las Vegas police back in September 2010 and charged with grand larceny and domestic violence after being accused by his ex-girlfriend of whooping her ass and stealing her iPhone.

"Money" was booked into the Clark County jail and held on $3000 bail.

Just when he thinks he got out, they pull him back in.

It's safe to say the only fighting Mayweather will be doing in the foreseeable future is inside a courtroom.

U mad?

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