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UFC Rio: Anderson Silva won't be bored fighting Yushin Okami in Brazil

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Or will he?

It's certainly a pattern in the career of the UFC middleweight champion, who has a tendency to wait until he hits the Octagon to rebel when he's given a fight he doesn't care for.

Ask Patrick Cote, Thales Leites and Demian Maia.

It's possible current number one contender Yushin Okami falls into this category, at least if recent statements made by Silva are any indication.

However, the Japanese judo player has no intention of having a boring fight with the champion and is more than ready to finally get his shot at revenge.

As he tells, there is no worry about "The Spider's" aura and that belt is going home with him.

"Of course Chael's fight does give me some hints, but I am a different person and therefore it will be a different fight. I will guarantee that he will not be bored when fighting me. My opponent is the champion Anderson, the fight is in Brazil, and I am the challenger. I'd say that the table has been set. He's got an aura that intimidates any opponent. I'm going to take that aura away from him."

There you have it.

This won't be the first time these two have met. The initial confrontation took place back in 2006, a fight that ended in controversy after Anderson landed a vicious -- and illegal -- upkick to Yushin's face.

The controversy came when Okami elected to take the disqualification win in lieu of fighting through it. Silva found little honor in this and made his feelings clear.

Now, five years removed from that night, they will meet once more. The Brazilian champion says he feels no need to finish the job he started so long ago but Okami certainly feels like he has something to prove.

Will that equal fireworks on Aug. 27 in Rio de Janiero? Or will this one be a dud?

Get after it, Maniacs.

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