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Ultimate Fighter 13: Tony Ferguson talks breakdancing and upkicks


Why bother with Steven Seagal when you can train under Shabba Doo Quinones?

Tony Ferguson played the heel in last night's (May 4) episode of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13, knocking out Justin Edwards to advance to the quarterfinals of the Spike TV reality show.

The Team Lesnar contestant was content to trade punches with "Randy Jr." to open the first round of his elimination fight, but found himself in a precarious situation when Edwards took it south with a powerful takedown.

From there, it was academic.

That's because the birthday boy called upon the mystical power of breakdancing, which all kidding aside, left TUF's best-dressed fighter with the ability to generate knockout power through his hips, even from his back.

Ferguson breaks it all down (via SB Nation) after the jump:

"I won't say I never get taken down. I got taken down twice in this round, but it doesn't bother me at all. I got back to my fight right away the first time and knocked Justin out cold the next. I think I'm a beast everywhere. That kick wasn't accidental either. From that position I've got a lot of attacks. I actually have a background in breakdancing and that allows me to position my hips a bunch of different ways to throw things at guys they've never seen. You notice that wasn't a straight up kick, bottom to top. That was a heel strike that moved side to side. That balance on my hips and the ability to still generate power comes from hard training and a little bit of breakdancing, too."

Ferguson entered TUF 13 riding a three-fight winning streak.

After a busy 2009 fight campaign that saw him go 5-2, "El Cucuy" strung together consecutive technical knockout victories on California's regional circuit.

His quarterfinal match-up is expected to be announced next week on episode seven.

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