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Filed under: launches 'Discover UFC' for fans to 'tap in to the fastest growing sport in the world'

Scenario: You're a big MMA fan and you've been doing your best to convert as many folks as possible to your sport of choice. The problem is, they're uneducated and it's difficult to figure out the best way to get them up to speed.

Problem solved.

That's because has launched a new service, aptly titled "Discover UFC," a learning tool for new -- and even veteran -- fans of the sport we so deeply love. 

The main page is broken into four easy sections: Discover the Fighter, Sport, UFC and Fan. Within these sections, you can learn about all things MMA, including skills, techniques, fight disciplines, rules, regulations and all about the history of the largest fight promotion in the world.

And much much more.

So head on over to (after you're done here at, of course) and check it out. After the jump, the 10 things to know about the UFC.

  1. There are rules - lots of them.
  2. The fighters' safety is top priority. If the ref feels that a fighter is not intelligently defending himself, they will not allow him to keep competing. The ref will warn the fighter that he needs to defend himself. If he doesn't, the fight is stopped.
  3. MMA is considered to be safer than boxing because once a fighter is knocked out, they are not given a chance to get up and continue fighting. In boxing, if a fighter gets up within 10 seconds, the fight goes on. Read about the ways to win.
  4. The reason the UFC uses a cage instead of a ring is for fighter safety. When competing in a ring, a fighter can fall out or get thrown out. In a cage, a fighter may find himself uncomfortably pressed up against the walls, but he won't fall out.
  5. A championship fight goes 5 rounds of 5 minutes. (A non-title fight goes 3 rounds of 5 minutes.)
  6. Commenter Joe Rogan knows his stuff - he holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a blue belt in Judo.
  7. UFC events have been hosted in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Germany, England, Australia, Japan, Puerto Rico and the United Arab Emirates. With at least one event per month, there are plenty of opportunities to catch an event on TV or online.
  8. Anderson Silva holds the record for the most title defenses at 8 and Randy Couture has fought in a record 15 title fights. Couture was one of the first fighters to hold two championship belts in two different divisions.
  9. The UFC's popularity skyrocketed after a fight between Stephan Bonnar and Forest Griffin in the light heavyweight final of The Ultimate Fighter: Season One. Deemed "the most important fight in UFC history" by Dana White, Griffin won the first round, Bonnar won the second round and the third round was even with Griffin outstriking Bonnar in the last minute for a decision of 28-29. The fight was so emotional and close that Dana White awarded Bonnar with a UFC contract as well as the winner, Griffin.
  10. Cutmen are not chosen - they are assigned to either the blue corner or the red corner. The fighters will get whichever cutman is assigned to their corner for the night.

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