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Ultimate Fighter 13: Episode six recap and discussion for 'Lesnar vs Dos Santos'

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Episode six of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF 13) gets underway and spirits are down in the Team Dos Santos locker room following Mick Bowman's loss. Assistant coach Lew Polley starts tearing into the team and "Cigano" quickly reels him in which leads to an awkward moment of authority.

Team Lesnar is back in the gym and Len Bentley is drilling to get himself ready for a possible wildcard spot until whoops! Ol' Lenny has a blowout and collapses in pain, clutching his knee.

He actually runs into Clay Harvison at the hospital, who's getting his finger sewn up after it busted through the skin during last week's win. Clay may have a chance at returning to the competition since his pinkie was dislocated and not broken and Bentley learns he still has his ACL intact.

Bullets officially dodged.

Coach Dos Santos finds out that Polley snuck off to the TUF house to further ingrain himself into the lives of the contestants and after a brief pow-wow with another assistant, decides it's time for Lew to pack his bags for his inability to play second fiddle.

Peace out Polley.

Bentley is back from the hospital yapping about his place in the tournament, how he fights the hardest, yadda, yadda, yadda. Brock is happy, but for how long? It's time for the fight picks and Team Lesnar has control.

He selects Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Edwards for the first elimination fight and Chuck O'Neil vs. Zach Davis for the second.

Brock thinks Ferguson can win the entire show and his hands look good while sparring. But can that translate to the cage when it matters the most?

Justin Edwards feels he has an advantage, not just for his wrestling but because he was a late addition and the opposing team was unable to see his stuff during evaluations. Can he catch Team Lesnar off guard?

Back at the house, Team Dos Santos hold a 30-second eulogy for Lew Polley and get back to their lives.

Ferguson shows up to get his hands wrapped wearing a shirt and tie. He says he does things differently and wants to celebrate his birthday with a big win. He'll need to get through "Randy Jr." to make it happen.

Elimination bout #6:  Team Lesnar's Tony Ferguson (10-2) vs. Team Dos Santos' Justin Edwards (6-0) 

Round 1: Edwards comes out guns blazing. Fergie on the run. Punches are starting to fly now from both fighters. Both guys connecting but nothing big lands. The action starts to slow and Brock yells out that Edwards dumped his load. Justin switches things up and scores with a takedown but Fergie pops right back up. Hands start flying again and both guys take turns landing. Fergie eats a few hard ones and Edwards floors him with a big takedown. This time he keeps him on the ground. Unfortunately he gets knocked clean out with an upkick when he tries to posture up and come in from long distance.

Result: Tony Ferguson def. Justin Edwards via knockout (upkick)

After the fight, Brock and his team celebrate their second consecutive win while Edwards gets down on himself for the loss. Dana White congratulates both fighters for a job well done.

It wasn't a particularly technical fight but it was definitely nonstop action.

Chuck O'Neil is running around the TUF house with his hand down his pants. He promises we won't see "Dirtbag Charlie" in the cage when it's time to fight.

Figures, that's actually something I wanted to see.

Zach Davis and Mick Bowman are sitting in the van like it's a first date. It's fairly creepy but quickly cuts to a training montage at the gym. "Cigano" is hulking up in the locker room while Lesnar calls Davis a "clutz."

Elimination bout #7:  Team Lesnar's Chuck O'Neil (8-3) vs. Team Dos Santos' Zach Davis (4-1)

Round 1: Touch of gloves and Zach shoots and gets a takedown. Brief guillotine but he shrugs it off and looks for a Kimura. Chucky to his feet and they trade knees. After some serious hugging Zach gets the trip takedown. Davis doesn't do much in guard so he gets up and kicks the legs. Chucky uses the space to stand and Davis shoots again but gets reversed and dropped against the cage. Davis eats a few bombs and Chucky gets greedy and lunges in. Davis slaps on the triangle and it's tapsville.

Result: Zach Davis def. Chuck O'Neil via submission (triangle choke)

It's time for the wildcard picks and Justin Edwards is at the top of the list but gets disqualified because the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) suspends him for 90 days for the upkick knockout.

Dana calls in the rest of the roster and asks them each if they want to fight and continue on. He's looking for that one fighter who will kick the door down and scream for the spot and none of them do it, which kind of leaves it up in the air.

Air = Dana's mercy.

Ladies and gentleman, your wildcard picks are Javier Torres and Chuck O'Neil, who will face off next week to see who stays alive in the competition. The camera cuts to Len Bentley and it looks like he's trying to solve a difficult math problem.

Tune in next week as Bentley confronts Lesnar for not getting picked, the wildcard fight gets underway and it's Lesnar vs. Dos Santos in the coaches challenge!

Plus the quarterfinals are announced!

See you right here next Wednesday night. Same TUF-time, same TUF-station.

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