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Decision kings: Georges St. Pierre and Jon Fitch deserve criticism for not finishing fights

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UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre is an ambassador for the sport of mixed martial arts and one of the nicest gentlemen you'll find.

But that doesn't mean he's without his share of critics; and they're not happy with him right now. 

He's faced criticism in the past for his apparent lack of killer instinct and brazen attitude of doing what's smart instead of what's exciting. It's made him one of the most dominant and successful forces in MMA today.

But he's bleeding fans and they're disappearing at a staggering rate because of it.

No one knows this pain as well as perennial 170-pound top contender Jon Fitch, who is 21-1-1 in his last 23 fights, 15 of which have gone the distance. His only loss, poetically enough, was a unanimous decision to St. Pierre.

Consider this: Fitch sports one of the best records of any fighter in MMA over the last 8 years, yet he's rarely in the main event (just twice in his 15-fight UFC career) and there are quite a few casual fans that couldn't pick him out of a line-up.

Why? He's grinding guys out in lieu of putting them away.

That's a problem in today's game and one he's well aware of. In fact, he tells that both he and GSP have not only earned their reputations, but deserve the criticism that goes with them.

"(The criticism of GSP is warranted), a little bit. I think, you know, I deserve some of that criticism too. But when he's dominating somebody that well, I think it's up to the champ to put a little more pressure on somebody in the fourth and fifth round. When you've secured a pretty solid lead on the scorecards after three rounds, I think a little bit more pressure, because he never really opened up more than a couple jabs and an overhand right. I mean, double up on the right, something."

"Rush," despite suffering an injury that created a build-up of blood in his eye which obstructed his vision, is still staring down the barrel of unprecedented criticism, at least as far as he's concerned, after his title defense against Jake Shields at UFC 129

The collective thought process is that the French-Canadian was playing it safe, electing not to finish off a clearly over-matched opponent.

Is that the case? Maybe; maybe not.

Nonetheless, that's the reputation he'll have to live with until he proves otherwise. The very same reputation Jon Fitch has been living with for years.

Is it well deserved? Or will a finish or two sway you back to the side of the champion?

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