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UFC 130 results: Travis Browne knocks out Stefan Struve ... brutally


Two of the tallest fighters in the world took to the cage in "Sin City" tonight, May 28, 2011, at the "Rampage vs. Jackson" event when Stefan Struve and Travis Browne climbed inside the Octagon to sling some heavy leather.

And sling it they did.

Throughout a slow but steady first round, it looked as though neither fighter was getting the advantage, save for a submission attempt from "Skyscraper."

That all changed towards the end of the opening frame when Struve decided to throw a telegraphed knee that Browne saw from a mile away.

Big mistake.

With impeccable timing and flawless delivery, Browne unleashed a superman punch just as soon as Struve lifted off the ground to throw his knee.

The shot connected flush, straight down the pipe, putting the deadly Dutchman on his back, nearly knocked cold.

If he wasn't out from that big shot, the follow up hammerfists certainly put an end to his night.

Those memories of that unsteady and uninspired performance against Cheick Kongo back at UFC 120 in Oct. 2010 are long gone, now.

Actually, if he's to get past Pat Barry later this year, anyone interested in a rematch?

Big guys + small gloves = huge knockouts.

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