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Titan FC 18 results and recap for 'Pulver vs Davidson' on May 27


Titan Fighting Championships 18, which aired live on HDNet from Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kan., last night (May 27, 2011), is officially in the books.

There were two notable UFC veterans in action; however, both turned in very disappointing performances.

Former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver was hoping that last night's headlining bout on HDNet would continue his mini-career resurgence that he's been riding. Instead, "Little Evil" looked a step (or five) slow against Brian Davidson, a 6-3 fighter who had to be talked out of retirement to take the bout.

Despite being one of the originators of the "sprawl and brawl" fighting technique, Pulver was completely outclassed in the stand-up early. Davidson was only one year younger than the Team Curran product, but he was still dancing circles around him and landing big kicks early.

When Pulver got frustrated with the stand up, he resorted to takedowns, and at first, they were successful. Jens put Davidson on his back on his first two attempts, but he allowed the Team Grindhouse leader to get back to his feet each time. His third shot was stuffed and a fourth was finished poorly, resulting in Davidson taking Pulver's back and latching on a fight-ending rear naked choke. 

In his post fight interview, "Lil Evil" stated that he's tired of people telling him he should retire and that he'll do it when he's good and ready. It looks like he'll be back for more soon, even though he can no longer keep up with his compatriots.

More on the televised card after the jump:

Ex-UFC middleweight Jake Rosholt was absolutely slaughtering John Ott until fate dealt him a raw deal. The first two rounds comprised Rosholt taking down Ott and pounding him to smithereens. Rosholt repeatedly scored a deep double leg and worked some nasty short elbows to open up several sickening cuts on Ott's face.

By the midway point of the third round, Ott's face was raw hamburger and Rosholt turned up his striking, pounding the Grindhouse fighter with kicks and punching combinations. The fight was stopped temporarily, but the ringside doctor remarkably allowed it to continue.

This was where it all went wrong for Rosholt.

The Team Takedown fighter continued to try to finish the fight and he threw a huge knee at Ott as he was rising to his feet. The knee connected squarely on Ott's dome, the only problem was the Missouri native still had his left knee planted on the ground so it was an illegal strike.

Ott initially signaled that he was okay, but,with a potential disqualification victory in his grasp, he suddenly could barely stand, his knees got all wobbly and he acted like he'd just taken a five-minute ground and pound session from Shane Carwin.

The fight was stopped and Ott was given the disqualification victory, it was even less deserving than Matt Hamill's "win" over Jon Jones.

Poor Rosholt was punished because he chose not to ride out the last 37 seconds of the fight and actually go for the finish. The ringside physician should be ashamed of himself for not stopping the fight because of cuts a minute earlier.

Meanwhile, Jake's brother, Jared Rosholt, was also on display.

He was a -1000 favorite and he proved the reason for it. After briefly standing with Kirk Grinlinton, the larger Rosholt took his opponent down, immediately passed to mount, and grounded and pounded his way a stoppage victory inside the first two minutes.

It would be a treat to see Jared in the season five Bellator heavyweight tournament.

Lastly, in what was the most exciting bout of the night, Rudy "Bad News" Bears, upset Darryl Cobb in front of his hometown crowd. Both men weren't afraid to stand and trade and it was Cobb who got the better of the striking early.

When Bears threw a lazy leg kick, Cobb countered and stunned the Kansas City native with a huge right hand. As Cobb closed the distance for the finish, Bears responded with a thundering one-two combination that blasted Cobb and sent him reeling.

Bears jumped on Cobb, smelling blood and worked for a choke. When his initial attempt failed, "Bad News" mounted Cobb and rained down blows until the tough striker gave up his back and eventually the rear naked choke finish.

It was a fantastic come-from-behind victory for Bears, who made up for a poor showing his last time out in Titan FC 17 against Jason High.

For complete Titan FC 18 results and detailed round-by-round commentary of all the televised fights click here.

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