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Titan FC 18 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Pulver vs Davidson' TONIGHT (May 27) in Kansas City, KA


There's no place like home as Titan Fighting Championships headed to the "Sunflower State" TONIGHT (May 27, 2011) at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas to host its eighteenth event. The main card aired live on HDNet, beginning at 10 p.m. ET

Headlining the main event was former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver, as he tried to continue a small career resurgence against less notable competition. Missouri fighter Brian Davidson attempted to put a road block in front of his momentum.

Also on the card, stepping in on very late notice were the Rosholt brothers, Jake and Jared as they took on John Ott and Kirk Grinlinton, respectively.

Lastly, Kansas City mainstay Rudy "Bad News" Bears took on Darryl Cobb in a welterweight attraction.

Complete Titan Fighting Championship 18 results and play by play after the jump.

140 lbs.: Brian Davidson def. Jens Pulver via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:04 Round 1
200 lbs.: John Ott def. Jake Rosholt via disqualification (illegal knee) at 4:23 Round 3
185 lbs.: Rudy Bears def. Darryl Cobb via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:30 Round 1
265 lbs.: Jared Rosholt def. Kirk Grinlinton via TKO at 1:37 Round 1
176 lbs.: Bobby Cooper def. Nick Budig via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Joe Wilk def. Jesse Zeugin via submission (D'arce choke) at 3:36 Round 1
155 lbs.: Sean Wilson def. Deryck Ripley via submission (toe hold) at 2:00 Round 1

140 lbs.: Jens Pulver (24-14-1) vs. Brian Davidson (6-3)

Round one: Davidson opens with a head kick and Pulver avoids it. Pulver shoots for a takedown and thinks twice. Nice short kick and punch from Davidson that connects. Leg kick connects from Davidson and he lands another to the other leg. Pulver shoots and this time scores a takedown. Not much from top position by Pulver and Davidson throws an illegal upkick that opens up a small cut under Pulver's eye. Ref gives Davidson a warning and they reset. Another nice leg kick from Davidson and Pulver shoots for a takedown. Davidson wraps his arm about Pulver's head with a guillotine attempt but Jens slips out. Pulver tries to posture up but instead gets to his feet and lets Davidson up. Pulver clinches and tries to toss Davidson but is stuffed. Another takedown attempt from Pulver but it's stuffed and Davidson takes his back. Davidson works for a rear naked choke in a scramble and he doesn't have his hooks in but Jens taps anyways. That was kinda sad to watch. Davidson outclassed Pulver in just about everything there. 

Final Result: Brian Davidson defeats Jens Pulver via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:04 of round one


200 lbs.: John Ott (8-8) vs. Jake Rosholt (11-3)

Round one: Ott opens aggressively with a flurry of punches, a body kick and a spinning backfist that backs Rosholt up. Ott drops down for a takedown and pushes Rosholt into the fence but can't secure it. They reset in the center and it's Ott with the aggression in his strikes. Push kick from Rosholt and then a body kick but Ott catches it and takes Rosholt down. Rosholt shoots for a takedown but Ott stuffs it. Spinning back kick attempt from Ott whiffs and he keeps the pressure up with a double jab/right hook combo. Rosholt presses forward and lands his first significant strikes with a nice right cross. Ott slips and Rosholt lands on top in side control looking for an arm triangle. Ott slips out but gives up the mount to Rosholt and Rosholt starts raining down some punches and short elbows. Big right elbow from Rosholt busts Ott open. Ott tries to buck Rosholt off but to no avail and Rosholt catches him again with some big elbows that opens up another cut. Rosholt postures up and ground and pounds Ott badly until the round concludes. 10-8 Rosholt

Round two: Ott opens up with some wide hooks but nothing significant lands. Rosholt smacks Ott with a right leg kick and another is checked. Rosholt shoots with a deep double leg takedown and puts Ott on his back immediately into side control. Rosholt throwing some nice short elbows from side control and Ott escapes but Rosholt immediately takes him back down again. Rosholt goes knee-on-belly attempting to mount but Ott sneaks a leg in and retains half guard. Rosholt tries to pass but Ott pulls half guard on the other leg. Rosholt mounts with 80 seconds and starts dropping some short ground and pound while Ott holds a body lock. Rosholt looking for a submission and he gives up the mount for it but can't secure anything as the round ends. 10-9 Rosholt

Round three: Ott leaps forward early with some hooks but to no avail and he eats a nice right hand from Rosholt. Spinning backfist attempt from Ott and Rosholt dives forward with a big double leg takedown. Rosholt immediately passes to side control and Ott is busted up. Ott pushes off the cage and gets to his feet but Rosholt tags him with some huge head kicks and punches. Rosholt turning it up now and he tosses Ott to the canvas. Rosholt lools like he's in a position for an inverted triangle and the ref steps in to let the doctor check out the cuts on Ott. Ott's face is a bloody mess, this is nasty. Ott wants to continue and they're gonna let him do it! They reset and Ott throws a slow right head kick that misses. Rosholt stalking Ott now and he  connects with a left-right combination. Ott fights him off with combination of his own and shoots for a single leg takedown attempt. Rosholt reverses him and lands on top in half guard and drops some short elbows. Ott starts to get up and Rosholt blasts him with an illegal knee and Ott is really wobbly. They might stop this fight and disqualify Rosholt and that would be a shame. The ref has called the fight and now Rosholt has to sit and wait to see if he's disqualified or not. It's official, they disqualified Rosholt. Ouch, and with 37 seconds left in the fight. That's gotta be frustrating. 

Final Result: John Alt defeats Jake Rosholt via disqualification (illegal knee to a grounded opponent) at 4:23 of the third round


185 lbs.: Rudy Bears (12-7) vs. Darryl Cobb (5-2)

Round one: Bears circling away early and Cobb lands a thunderous leg kick that digs deep into Bears' thigh. Bears throws a couple kicks of his own to keep Cobb at Bay but he eats some big body kicks and an inside leg kick from Cob. Spinning back kick from Cobb connects but he slips and falls down. Bears attempts to clinch but he backs off. Bears counters a Cobb kick beautifully and blasts Cobb in the face with a right hand. Cobb starts going to work with the jab and he mixes in a side kick. Cobb opens up and starts hurting Bears with some punches but Bears recovers.Lazy leg kick from Bears is countered HARD by Cobb and Cobb goes in for the kill. Bears responds with a huge right hand that drops Cobb! Bears follows Cobb to the canvas and looks for a choke and he's a little to the side and can't finish it as Cobb escapes. Bears mounts and starts raining down blows. Cobb gives up his back and Bears sinks in the rear naked choke which forces Cobb to tap. That was an awesome fight!

Final Result: Rudy Bears defeats Daryl Cobb via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:30 of round one


265 lbs.: Jared Rosholt (2-0) vs. Kirk Grinlinton (2-2)

Round one: Grinlinton with an overhand right early but it whiffs. Leg kick attempt from Grinlinton and he's countered with a big right hand from Rosholt. Grinlinton really looking for the leg kick early and he tags Rosholt with a right hook. Rosholt waits until Grinlinton gets comfortable and he shoots for a double leg takedown. Rosholt gets Grinlinton to the canvas easy and passes quickly to mount. Rosholt rains down punches from mount and the ref stops the fight as Grinlinton is defenseless.

Final Result: Jared Rosholt defeats Kirk Grinlinton via technical knockout (TKO) at 1:37 of round one


176 lbs.: Bobby Cooper (3-2) vs. Nick Budig (4-1)

Round one: Budig takes control of the center of the cage early and pressures Cooper with a flurry of hooks. Cooper has his back to the cage and throws a leg kick as his mouthpiece falls out. The ref stops the fight to let him put it back in and they reset. Both men throw big bombs and Budig corners Cooper against the fence and Cooper is forced to clinch to clear the cobwebs. Both men reset and Budig lands a big right hook. Budig wades in fearlessly with combinations and Cooper is a little tentative despite having a reach advantage. Budig again pins Cooper against the cage but he escapes. Nice left-right combination from Budig and Cooper backs off. Big right hand lands for Budig again. Cooper lands a solid right hand finally and Cooper counters with a lead right hand. Left body kick from Cooper and it's so effective that he triples up on it. Budig chases Cooper down until the round ends. Very close but I'm giving it to Budig for the near knockdown and aggression 10-9

Round two: Cooper throws a jab and it's countered by a swift overhand right from Budig. More left jabs from Cooper and he's starting to do some damage with it. Budig's right eye is really starting to swell up. Cooper is really starting to tee off on Budig's eye and he's putting on a jab clinic. Budig attempts to wade in and hurt Cooper with big lunging hooks but he's just not connecting. Cooper pounds on Budig's face, tripling up on the jab and Budig's eye is completely swollen shut now. Budig tries to throw some desperation hooks near the end of the round and Cooper dodges them and pounds him with a big combination. 10-9 Cooper, maybe even 10-8.

Round three: Budig in desperation mode early and he starts throwing some big hooks, pinning Cooper against the cage and hurting Cooper with a big right hand. More Big strikes from Budig and Cooper responds with a knee. Cooper lands a nasty leg kick and then another and that may have been all Budig had left. More jabs to the face from Cooper and he follows it up with another leg kick. Budig is defenseless now. Nasty leg kick from Cooper and Budig tries to lunge forward but he's limping. Budig swings at nothing but air and Cooper counters, just blasting him in the face with jabs and short crosses. Another big leg kick from Cooper and he's just toying with Budig this round. Budig catches a leg kick at the end of the fight but that's all she wrote. 10-9 Cooper and he's definitely going to win a decision.

Final Result: Bobby Cooper defeats Nick Budig via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


155 lbs.: Joe Wilk (10-6) vs. Jesse Zeugin (5-1)

Round one: Zeugin working his jab early and Wilk counters with a chopping leg kick. Zeugin initiates a clinch but Wilk takes the inside position. They switch places again and this is really a positional battle in the clinch. Wilk scores the takedown along the fence and lands in half guard. Wilk working some meager ground and pound and he postures up and throws a nasty right hand which allows him to pass to side control. Wilk looking to pass to mount and and Zeugin turns into him and turtles. Wilk latches on a D'arce and rolls Zeugin, twisting on the ground until Zeugin taps out.

Final Result: Joe Wilk defeats Jesse Zeugin via submission (D'arce choke) at 3:36 of round one


155 lbs.: Deryck Ripley (9-19) vs. Sean Wilson (27-16)

Round one: Ripley scores an early takedown and slickly passes to mount. Wilson gives up his back and Ripley hops on his back with a body triangle. Wilson sneaks out the back door and lands on top. Arm bar attempt from Ripley and Wilson slams out of it. Wilson drops down and latches on a toe hold that forces a very quick tap from Ripley.

Final Result: Sean Wilson defeats Deryck Ripley via submission (toe hold) at 2:00 of round one


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