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UFC Quick Quote: Tony Ferguson became 'The Boogeyman' on TUF 13

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"Charlie Rader poured water on my head, but at the time I thought it was beer. I couldn't understand why he would do something like that, even as minor as it may seem now. I had a short fuse. I'm usually not like that. When I saw myself, it was honestly kind of creepy. Unfortunately, everyone saw The Boogeyman came out. That's a side of my personality I usually only see in the cage, but somehow Charlie brought it out in real life. Something just snapped and I thought 'This guy is your enemy now.' Rather than try to bring people close to me, I was pushing everyone away. Why did I bring up Charlie's son? I have no idea, but I have a guess. My birth father wasn't there for me growing up. Somehow Charlie's situation mixed in with my adrenaline from fighting and the booze all worked together to bring up my own issues. I learned a lot about myself watching that on tape and how I felt about certain things in my life. I was under a lot of pressure, I was trying to bottle up frustration and it didn't work. Well, it worked for a while, but ultimately did not. I said some things I shouldn't have said. I was in a weird place. I was having crazy dreams in that house. The entire experience took me out of my own independence and removed all of my release valves. I really regret saying what I said to Charlie and we've talked about it since the incident. I've spoke to Clay Harvison and Chuck, too. We are in a better place now than we were that night."

Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 semifinalist Tony Ferguson tries to shed some light on the unfortunate incident that took place on episode nine of the Spike TV reality show via his official SB Nation blog. After winning his fight and celebrating with a house full of booze and boys, Ferguson blew a gasket after being victimized by Charlie Rader's water bottle and repeatedly taunted him about the son he never gets to see. His transformation into "The Boogeyman" marred an otherwise impressive night, but he claims to have since bridged the gap between himself and the castmates he alienated. All's well that ends well? For our complete recap of TUF 13 episode nine click here.

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