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Official UFC 129 scorecard for Georges St. Pierre vs Jake Shields released (Pic)

Photo via MMA Weekly
Photo via MMA Weekly

So, which rounds did Georges St. Pierre lose?

Well, according to the official scorecards of Nelson Hamilton and Richard Bertrand, Jake Shields was the better man in rounds four and five, earning a 10-9 in both frames during their UFC 129 main event title fight back on April 29 in Toronto, Canada.

Judge Doug Crosby gave GSP a clean sweep across the board (10-9 x5).

St. Pierre suffered an inadvertent eye poke early in the fight that hampered his performance; however, it was still good enough to scratch out the unanimous decision win to retain his 170-pound title.

But he was just one round away from losing the strap.

The UFC recently requested -- and received permission -- from the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to install cage side monitors for officials in charge of scoring future fights.

Vancouver is also on board and will allow monitors for next month's UFC 131 pay-per-view (PPV) event.

The question now is, will these monitors actually improve the quality of scoring in mixed martial arts? Or does the problem lie within the qualifications of the judges and not necessarily what they see?

What's your take on this Maniacs?

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