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UFC Quick Quote: Rashad Evans predicts 'Rampage' Jackson will defeat Matt Hamill

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"I love Hamill. I like the way he fights and I like his story. But I think Rampage should get it done. It all depends though. I haven't heard anything out of his camp, as far as how he's mentally doing. Rampage is all mind. Sometimes if he goes in there and his mind isn't right, it's almost like he throws a tantrum just by not fighting the way he can. If he goes in there with his mind right, I think Rampage will win the fight. ... Last time he was real quiet before a fight was when he fought Wanderlei Silva, and it didn't turn out well for Wanderlei. Looks like he might be focused for this one."

-- Former Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans continues his trend of talking about everyone except his upcoming Aug. 6 opponent, Phil Davis, by predicting (via ESPN) the main event fight at UFC 130 on May 28 in Las Vegas, Nevada between Quinton Jackson and Matt Hamill. "Suga" seems to think that "Rampage" will come away victorious and points to his seemingly quiet focus in the weeks leading up the Memorial Day weekend event as evidence that he'll come in hungry, the same way he did back at UFC 92 against former nemesis Wanderlei Silva. We all remember how that turned out. Well, if you don't, "The Axe Murderer" was viciously knocked silly inside the very first round. Does a similar fate await Hamill this weekend? Agrees or disagrees with Rashad?

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