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Gray matters: Maynard doesn't want to be a 'gimmick' just to sell UFC tickets

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MMA fans begging for a little flavor in their fight hype, don't come crying to Gray Maynard.

The stocky Arizona native has long been saddled with the dreaded "bland and boring" tag, constantly climbing the uphill battle to win over fickle fans.

That he's been remarkably consistent in his dominance inside the Octagon hasn't seemed to make much of a difference; he's still not getting the respect he largely deserves.

Maybe that's because he doesn't go out of his way to start Twitter wars with scorned friends or manufacture feuds to drive pay-per-view buys. 

That has its advantages and disadvantages but one thing is clear -- he's not going to change for anybody.

Make no mistake though, as Maynard explains to, if you're an asshole, he'll call you exactly that:

You got everybody trying so hard to get out there, and I don't know if it's my attitude, but I don't really give a f--k. ...I'm just me, and that's not me. These guys are acting like, I don't know, you're a gimmick. Do you want to be that or is it you? I don't know. It's a gimmick, I think, and it's not me. 98 percent of the people I talk to are like, 'Man, you got to build this fight up. You got to do this.' If the guy's an a--hole then I'll tell him he's an a--hole. But if he's not, then there's nothing to talk about."

After five grueling rounds and one surprising decision between UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar and undefeated number one contender Gray Maynard, we still don't have a "Resolution" to the division's blurry title picture.

Expect that to change just as soon as they both heal up from their respective injuries.

After enduring a "Bully" beatdown in the first round of their UFC 125 headliner back on Jan. 1, Edgar somehow rebounded to battle Maynard to an unsatisfying draw after five rounds. It was a fantastic fight, which was a rematch that looked nothing like their original encounter back in 2008 that Maynard won convincingly with superior wrestling and raw power.

He came about as close as anyone could to finding "The Answer" to finishing Edgar. And perhaps that's the reason why he'll get a third chance to try it again, sometime this year. 

Can he do it? Time will tell but perhaps an equally important question is, will anyone tune in to see it? 

Is Maynard's no frills personality ever going to truly get over with the fans? Any "Bully" fans out there want to explain why he should be more popular?

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