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UFC Quick Quote: Rashad Evans apologizes for calling Jon Jones a 'fake-ass white boy'

Photo via <a href="">Cage Potato</a>
Photo via Cage Potato

"Yeah I did say that to him but he also said a lot of things to me that I didn't want to put out there. I mean, we were arguing - I said a lot of things, he did, back and forth, you know? But I did call him a fake ass white boy, I did. But it's not that I think being a white boy is a bad thing, its not against white people in general. Its an insult to him because he's not white, you can see where the insult comes in. That's the extent of the insult right there - its not an insult against white people, its that he's black and I'm calling him white. It made him mad because he posted it on the Internet - and what kind of move is that anyway? That's like high school, grade school s--t - ‘Look what Rashad said to me! Look everyone, look, look!' - what I am gonna do, call my mom cuz Jon Jones said a bunch of mean things to me? If I offended anybody I deeply do apologize, some of my best friends are white. I got no problem with white people it was just a simple fact that to be a black person and be called something that you are not is very offensive."

Sorry 'bout that! Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans does damage control after reigning division kingpin Jon Jones shared a picture of his cell phone with some fairly incriminating evidence. Evans tells MMA Weekly (via Fighters Only) that he wasn't trying to be racist, rather he was attempting to hit "Bones" where it hurts, by calling him something he clearly isn't. Does this latest chapter in the book of "Rashones" paint "Suga" as a sour person? Or did Jones cross the line with Text-gate? And do you still care about their constant bickering? Opinions, please.

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